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Event Planning Timeline and Checklist; Tips for Finding -- And Getting! -- the Funding You Need; Making the Most of Press Releases; Tips for Delivering a Successful Presentation; Tips for Increasing Parent Workshop Attendance

Expert Advice Brought to You by Channing Bete Company

For over half a century, we've helped our customers communicate practical and targeted messages that help people improve the quality of their lives. Now, we're giving you the practical advice that can help you hone your outreach efforts and make your programs more effective. Select from the links above to download the tips described below.

Event Planning Timeline and Checklist

Creating an event to spotlight your organization or a certain date or occasion is a wonderful way to generate support and bring greater awareness to key issues. Though event planning may seem daunting to some, our handy timeline/checklist is the perfect way to execute a flawless event with minimal stress.

Tips for Finding -- and Getting! -- the Funding You Need

Completing a request for funding or a grant application can be a challenging process. That's why we created this informative white paper that includes practical tips on identifying public and private funding sources; developing, writing, and formatting the application; and following up after the application is submitted.

Making the Most of Press Releases

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is getting the word out about the services they offer. A press release is a simple, inexpensive tool that can help raise your organization's visibility in the community. To learn more, read our white paper on writing and distributing effective press releases.

Tips for Delivering a Successful Presentation

Whether you are a first-time or seasoned presenter, our white paper on delivering a successful presentation will help you deliver a dynamic and memorable presentation.

Tips for Increasing Parent Workshop Attendance

If you're looking for ways to increase attendance for your parent training and outreach programs, our white paper will give you the strategies and tips to help you achieve your goals.