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PATHS(R) Program - See how the PATHS(R) program can make a difference in your school. Watch this multimedia presentation here!
Products displayed: Sync Magazine -- Understanding & Embracing Diversity (92571). Who Knew?(R) The Peer Pressure Issue (92483). Social And Emotional Learning (SEL) -- Keeping Tabs(R) On SEL In Preschool And Elementary School (81938). Self-Esteem -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Improving Your Self-Image (81451). Parenting Corner -- Supporting Social And Emotional Skills (Elementary School Edition) (92111)

Social and Emotional Learning -- Fundamental Skills for Student Development and Academic Success

Anger Management

Our resources contain anger-management activities for children and teens and advice for keeping cool under pressure.

Character Education

Help young people build self-control and good character with character education lessons and character education activities contained in our youth-targeted resources!


Our resources are perfect for supporting students' civics education! Whether they're playing civics games or learning about the constitution, students will learn what it means to be a citizen of the United States.

Conflict Resolution

Give students the conflict-resolution skills they'll need to succeed in school -- and life -- with our easy-to-distribute resources!

Friendships and Dating

Teach students how to make healthy choices when it comes to friendships and dating with our engaging and easy-to-read resources!

PATHS® Program

The PATHS® program is the easy and flexible way to positively impact children's motivation, ethical development, and academic achievement through social and emotional learning.

Peer Pressure

Deliver peer pressure facts and statistics, describe peer pressure situations, and provide advice on responding to peer pressure with our advice-filled resources!


Teaching self-esteem is simple when you have easy-to-distribute resources that include fun self-esteem activities for kids and research-based advice for parents! The whole family will appreciate learning about the importance of self-esteem, and what they can do to help encourage it!