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Prevent truancy, promote attendance -- with our accurate, easy-to-follow publications! Learn more here! Products displayed: Parenting Corner -- Supporting Regular School Attendance (Elementary School Edition) (95593). School Attendance -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Your Elementary School Child (80961). 10 Reasons Why School Attendance Is Important (24045). School Attendance -- Helping Your Child Avoid Truancy (36875).
Products displayed: Get Ready For School Success! A 3-Month Coloring & Activities Calendar With STICKERS! (50157). Parenting Corner -- Supporting Social And Emotional Skills (Elementary School Edition) (92111). Your Guide To Kindergarten Readiness (81995). Schoolwide Title I Programs -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Parent And Family Engagement (81472). What's Up(R) With Starting Middle School (98594). School Safety -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Preventing Violence (81970). 12 Ways To Support Homework Success (24151). Sync Magazine -- The Truth About Vaping And Smoking (92383). Understanding The Every Student Succeeds Act; A Parent's Handbook (90053). We Can Learn About School Bus Safety! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58730). Starting High School -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Your First Year And Beyond (83975). Your Child And Cyberbullying Slide Chart (4A-11423).

Parent Involvement and Family Engagement...
Dropout Prevention... Special Education...

So Many Issues, So Little Time! Our Education Resources Will Help You Make the Most of It!

Parent Involvement

Our resources are perfect for encouraging parent involvement and family engagement! Our research-based products cover at-home and summer learning, homework, getting ready for school, parent-school partnerships, core subjects, and volunteering.

Attendance and Dropout Prevention

Provide families with easy-reading resources that encourage regular school attendance and discourage dropping out!

Title I

Help parents and families get a better understanding of Title I -- including their rights and responsibilities under the Every Student Succeeds Act -- with our accurate and up-to-date line of resources!

Special Education

Help parents understand the special education process and how they can help support their child's school success with our research-based resources!

Parenting Skills

We have all the research-based products you need to teach parents how they can discipline more effectively, ensure their children are ready for school success, manage stress and anger, support their child's healthy development, help prevent child abuse, succeed at single parenting, and more!

School Transitions

A positive transition sets the stage for years of learning. Our upbeat outreach tools help families get ready for school at every stage, with publications on preschool and kindergarten readiness, elementary transition, middle school transition, and high school transition.

College, Career, and Life Planning

Our wide range of college- and career-readiness resources will help students plan and prepare for college, the workforce, and independent living!

School Climate and Bullying

Encourage a healthier school climate with our collection of resources on bullying and violence prevention, conflict resolution, social and emotional learning, Internet safety, and more!

PATHS® Program

The PATHS program, the proven-effective and internationally recognized SEL curriculum, is an easy and flexible way to positively impact children's motivation, ethical development, and academic achievement.

Social and Emotional Learning

The research is clear: teaching students academic skills isn't enough. To prepare them for school and life success, they must also be taught essential social and emotional skills. Our products can help support this "whole student" approach by teaching them about anger management, good character, civics, friendship and dating, peer pressure, and self-esteem.

Study Skills and Test Taking

Give students the easy-to-read advice they need to study smarter, achieve test success, manage time, and stay organized!

Reading, Math, and Other Core Subjects

When it comes to core subjects like reading and math, we have the resources you need to help support student learning and academic success.

Staff Development

Support and educate school staff with easy-to-read resources on being a mentor, preventing bullying, encouraging parent involvement, and more!

Student Health

From asthma, colds and flu, and mental health, to nutrition and weight management, we have the resources you can count on to help keep students healthy and ready to learn!

Student Transportation

Our extensive line of transportation titles can help students understand the dangers of distracted driving, learn key pedestrian- and bicycle-safety tips, and stay safer on and around the school bus!


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