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Products displayed: Positive Discipline For Your Teen; A Parent's Handbook (91808).  Your Guide To Positive Discipline For Children Ages 1-5 (80741). 10 Ways To Nurture Your Child's Emotional Health (24593). Parenting Corner -- Raising A Responsible Child (Elementary School Edition) (96453).
Products displayed: Anger Management For Parents; A Parent's Handbook (92039). Family Violence -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Preventing Abuse (81423). Online Sexual Predators -- How To Protect Your Child (35204). 11 Ways to Avoid Helicopter Parenting (24601). Social Networking Sites -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Your Child's Safety Online (83762). Child Abuse -- We Can All Help Prevent It! (36929)

Parenting Skills -- Helping Parents Raise Their Children to Be Healthy and Successful


Help parents guide and relate to their teens with our engaging resources based on authoritative research on adolescence! As parents learn about the development of adolescence and gain insight on how to support their child through their youth and adolescence, moms and dads will be better able to parent effectively and promote a more positive family life.

Child Discipline

Give parents the tools to use effective child discipline practices to guide children toward good behavior and to deal with misbehavior and temper tantrums.

Child Safety and Abuse Prevention

From hands-on abuse to unseen cyberstalkers, the dangers young people face are all too real. Our resources will help you educate, inform, and protect this vulnerable segment of our population.

Developmental Stages

They grow up so fast... And we have the resources that help parents understand the many stages their children go through as they grow.

Family Violence Prevention

Breaking the cycle of violence requires support, encouragement, and solid information on how to manage stress and resolve conflicts without anger. And you'll find it all in our research-based resources on preventing family violence.

General Parenting

Looking for general parenting titles for a variety of age groups? Look no further -- we're chock-full of them!

Parental Stress and Anger Management

Parenting is a tough job, so it's no wonder that mothers and fathers can feel stressed and angry from time to time. Help parents handle these reactions in positive ways with our practical and easy-to-read resources!

Special Parenting Concerns

Not every parenting situation is the same; that's why we've developed resources to support special parenting concerns, such as raising grandchildren, single parenting, and teen parenting. Find them all now!