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Products displayed:Parenting Corner -- Get Involved In Your Child's Education! (Elementary School Edition) (95349). Parent-Teacher Conferences -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Your Child's Success In School (83967). Your Guide To Supporting Your Child At School (83950). Parenting Corner -- Staying Active In Your Child's Education (Middle School Edition) (91557). 12 Ways To Support Homework Success (24151). 9 Ways Busy Parents Can Stay Involved In Their Child's Education (24192). Make The Most Of Summer Vacation! A 3-Month Coloring & Activities Calendar With STICKERS! (50118). Helping Your Preschooler Learn; An At-Home Activities Guide (51348). Parenting Corner -- Encouraging STEM Education (High School Edition) (92485).

Materials to Promote Parent and Family Engagement

Common Core State Standards

To help you respond to parents' questions and concerns regarding Common Core State Standards, we've created resources that clearly outline essential information, highlighting common core math standards, common core literacy standards, common core standards for English language arts (ELA), kindergarten common core standards, and more.

General Parent Involvement

We all know that parent involvement in schools is key to student success, and that's why our collection of resources is here to support your outreach efforts. Our engaging resources include parent involvement ideas and parent involvement activities to help you build a parent involvement plan for grades K-12.


Looking for homework resources and homework sheets to boost your outreach efforts? Our advice-filled products are perfect for encouraging parents to support homework completion and school success!

Parent-School Partnerships

Our collection of research-based resources are perfect for supporting your parent-school involvement efforts and encouraging parent-school partnerships.

Reading, STEM, Math, and Science

Help parents support students' achievement in reading and math, and embrace STEM learning with our easy-reading resources.

Summer Learning

Provide the strategies, ideas, and motivation parents need to support learning at home and prevent summer learning loss! Our resources contain at-home and summer learning activities that kids will love, and parents will find easy to teach! Plus, our resources incorporate family fundamentals for summer learning, making them a natural fit for your school community.

Supporting School Success®

The Supporting School Success program is a research-based parent involvement program for parents of children in grades K-3. Parents in the Supporting School Success program learn how to support their child's academic achievement, improve communication at home, and reduce misbehavior. Find out more about this effective program!


Thank people for being school volunteers and encourage future volunteering with our collection of volunteer resources!