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Products displayed: Our Positive School Climate Carry Bag Kit (94916). 11 Ways Parents Can Support A Positive School Climate (24372). What's Up(R) With Bullying (93859). Parenting Corner -- Help Stop Bullying! (Middle School Edition) (95548). Your Child And Social Media Slide Chart (4A-11372). Respect Counts Phone Stickers (12840). Our Positive School Climate Carry Bag (12981).

Create a Healthier School Climate with Resources on Bullying Prevention, Effective Conflict Resolution, Social and Emotional Learning, and More!

Bullying and Violence Prevention

Products displayed: Sync Magazine -- Putting A Stop To Sexting & Sexual Harassment (92564). Who Knew?(R) The Cyberbullying Issue (94916). The Truth About Sexting -- Think B4 U Send (36482). Dating Violence -- Facts You Should Know (36407). Cyberbullying -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Digital Safety (80821). Sexual Harassment -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Stopping Harassment In School (81026). Safe Sexting? No Such Thing! Magnet (11220).

Our easy-reading resources describe what bullying is, the serious consequences of bullying, and how to help prevent it.

Conflict Resolution

Deliver effective conflict-resolution strategies for children and teens with our easy-to-distribute resources!


Teach students -- and parents -- about forms of cyberbullying on Facebook® and other social networking sites! Our resources describe types of cyberbullying, how to stop it, and steps to take to prevent it in the first place!

PATHS® Program

Ready to help improve your school climate, boost academic success, and reduce behavioral problems? Then take a look at the PATHS program -- our award-winning social and emotional learning program!

Personal and Dating Safety

Help students learn about personal safety and dating safety with our research-based, youth-targeted titles.


Our sexting prevention resources will help students understand the risks and serious consequences associated with sending sexual images via their cell phones or computers.

Sexual Harassment

Find sexual harassment prevention resources that help students understand types of harassment and what they can do to help stop it.

Social Media and Internet Safety

Surfing the Web and using social media can be fun and educational, but it can also be dangerous. That’s why our resources contain Internet and social media safety tips that students -- and parents -- will appreciate!