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Boost Awareness of Substance
Abuse, Support Community Prevention!

Addiction and Recovery

When the party is all over, some people never find their way back home. Addicts need to understand what is happening to them and know that help is available. Our drug-addiction materials promote general drug awareness, discuss the potential consequences of abusing substances, encourage drug abuse prevention, and more.


There are so many issues related to alcohol education. How can you address them all? Rely on our alcohol education tools -- they're packed with thoroughly researched information to help prevent underage drinking, highlight the impact of binge drinking, and offer insight on alcohol addiction.

Community and Parent Education

Parents and educators need to have a clear understanding of the drugs that are available -- and have the tools they need to counter the problem. Our drug awareness resources help parents and educators talk to kids about drugs, emphasize the importance of saying no to drugs, and urge young people to avoid letting drugs derail their futures.

Guiding Good Choices®

Channing Bete Company brings you the Guiding Good Choices program, a science-based, proven-effective ATOD-prevention program that gives parents the skills they need to ensure the future well-being of their children. Just one of the many reasons we are your trusted resource for evidence-based parenting programs. A Families That Care® program!

Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, and Other Drugs

There are so many drugs, each with its own effects, addictive qualities, and risks. You can rely on Channing Bete Company for accurate resources on substance abuse prevention, marijuana and other drugs, treatment for meth and oxycodone addiction, as well as overcoming addiction. We've designed products highlighting trendy synthetic drugs -- such as "bath salts" and "molly" -- along with inhalants and other drugs.  

Media Awareness and Refusal Skills

The media’s glorified portrayal of drug and alcohol abuse is a powerful influence on society, especially young people. Fight back with drug awareness resources that break through the media smoke screen, bolster drug refusal skills, and underscore the importance of saying no to drugs. 

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse

More people than ever are ending up in drug rehabilitation centers due to prescription drug abuse. Oxycodone addiction and over-the-counter drug abuse are reaching epidemic levels. Our prescription and OTC drug abuse materials will help you send a message that these drugs are just as dangerous, just as addictive, and often just as deadly as their "street" counterparts.

Staying Connected with Your Teen®

Channing Bete Company presents the Staying Connected with Your Teen parenting program, a proven-effective, science-based series of video- and workshop-based modules that get parents and teens working together to enhance communication and family management practices and decrease conflict. A Families That Care® program!


There may be fewer smokers overall, but the incidence of smoking continues to threaten segments of our population. This ongoing risk underscores the need for our smoking prevention products, designed to help you reach at-risk audiences. These exceptional resources include products that provide help to quit smoking, as well as youth-focused tobacco prevention publications.

Workplace Abuse

Getting high at work is no joke; rather, it's a quick way to end up out of a job or badly injured. Our materials spell it out: drugs and work do not mix. They're ideal resources for putting a stop to workplace drug abuse and encouraging a drug-free workplace.