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Raise Awareness of Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Social Media Safety!

General Internet Safety

The Internet is a great tool for communication, education, shopping, and entertainment. But it is increasingly also a threat to safety. Our online-safety resources -- including titles that spotlight Internet safety for kids -- will help you educate people about the dangers lurking on the Net.


Far too many young people have experienced the harassment, threats, and humiliation of online cyberbullying, with tragic results in some cases. We provide cyberbullying resources that can quickly and easily educate teens and parents about effective ways to prevent cyberbullying -- or, better yet, how to prevent it from happening at all.


It takes just a few seconds for a child to send a provocative image of him- or herself via the Internet or cell phone -- but the damage can last a lifetime. You can help prevent sexting by distributing our straight-talking publications that highlight the dangers of sexting and encourage greater awareness of the potential consequences.

Social Media Safety

Social media Web sites provide exciting opportunities for people to communicate with family members and friends, and share their thoughts with wider communities as well. But there are also serious risks -- to privacy, school and professional careers, even personal safety -- that need to be made clear. Count on our publications to send clear messages about social media safety, the dangers of social media, and the risks of social media for kids.