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Product displayed: Preparing For Emergencies -- Terrorism And Disasters; A Family Handbook (90427). We Can Get Ready For Emergencies! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58837).
Products displayed: Emergencies And Special Needs -- Keeping Tabs(R) On How To Prepare (81897). Your Guide To Emergency Preparedness (83942). An Emergency Supply Kit -- What To Have (37032). Telephoning For Help; A Coloring & Activities Book (54858). Know What?(R) We Are Prepared For Emergencies! (90596).

Prepare Now, Survive Later --

Use Our Products to Help Your Community Focus on Emergency Readiness

General Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. We provide materials that spotlight emergency preparedness essentials, such as creating an emergency supply kit and establishing a family emergency plan. We also offer comprehensive emergency preparedness guides designed to engage and motivate readers.

Getting Help, Calling 911

Would children in your community know what to do in an emergency? With the help of our engaging and fun resources -- including titles that cover calling 911 for kids, and emergency preparedness for kids -- they will!

Homeland Security and Terrorism

Terrorism preparedness and awareness are everyone's responsibility. Our straight-talking publications explain how to prevent terrorism and how to respond if an attack occurs. They're available in a number of innovative and ready-to-distribute formats.

Natural Disasters

Use our natural disaster preparedness materials to educate your community on the basic steps they can take to stay safe -- from preparing an emergency supply kit to creating a family emergency plan -- which can save lives in the event of a natural disaster.

Pandemic Flu Preparedness

Give people the information they need to improve their chances of staying healthy in the event of a flu pandemic. From pandemic flu prevention to responding to an outbreak, we have the materials you need.

Preparedness for People with Disabilities and Unique Needs

Being prepared for all types of emergencies can make a critical difference should disaster strike. As we've seen in the aftermath of recent disasters, preparedness is even more crucial for people with disabilities and other unique needs. Our resources quickly and clearly spotlight the information that people with special needs, their families, and their caregivers need to know to stay safe.