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Products displayed: 12 Tips For Preventing Crime (24110). Identity Theft -- How To Protect Yourself (35985). Safety For Women -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Self-Protection (81488). Preventing Crime -- Protecting Yourself, Your Money And Your Property (76870).
Products displayed: We Can Learn About Police Officers! A Coloring and Activities Book With STICKERS! (58984). Dating Violence -- Facts You Should Know (36407). Human Trafficking -- Raising Awareness On A Hidden Crime (37065). Help Keep Your Family Safe From Internet Dangers; A Parent's Handbook (96169).

Build Safer Communities Through Crime Prevention and Community Policing!

Community Policing

When citizens know and interact with the officers who protect their community, a bond of trust and a spirit of cooperation are built. Our materials clearly explain the benefits of community policing, neighborhood watch, crime watch, and other initiatives!

Identity Theft

Our compelling Internet safety materials will help you open eyes in your community to the growing threat of identity theft. From Internet scams to basic online safety, we cover all the bases.  

Personal Safety

Help people in your community feel safer and avoid being victimized. Our personal safety resources showcase simple, effective tips that can make a difference. Be sure to explore specific titles covering home safety, as well as safety for women and other vulnerable populations.

Property Protection

Property crime takes a serious financial toll on individuals and communities, and contributes to an overall sense of insecurity. Our easy-to-follow publications explain effective property protection and offer valuable situational crime prevention tips than can make a positive difference.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a growing threat on college campuses, in seemingly safe neighborhoods, and even in people's own homes. Sadly, it’s believed that the vast majority of assaults are never reported at all. Our sexual assault education titles offer effective advice on rape prevention, how to respond to an assault, and how community members can support sexual assault prevention.