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Products displayed: Planning A Healthy Pregnancy; A Self-Care Handbook (93222). We Can Get Ready For Emergencies! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58837). 11 Ways For Parents To Manage Stress (24331).
Products displayed: Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Caring For Your New Baby (96130). Vaping -- Keeping Tabs(R) On The Hype And Health Risks (82273). Your Guide To Managing Stress (80010). Lowering Your Risk For HIV With PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis); A Self-Care Handbook (91299).  STDs; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (47535). Drug Treatment; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (40132). Lead Poisoning -- Taking Steps To Keep Your Children Safe (36652). Who Knew?(R) The Smoke-Free Issue (98545).

Public Health Promotion for Healthy Choices

Trust our products for all of your public health education, with resources to promote healthy behaviors, encourage health and wellness, boost community health, eliminate health disparities, and foster health literacy.

Maternal and Child Health, and WIC

Our supportive and easy-to-follow resources clearly outline child developmental milestones, and offer key advice on newborn and infant care, the benefits of breastfeeding, nutrition for children, oral health, postpartum depression, and much more. Our products are ideal for supporting WIC and other vital maternal and child health programs.

Parenting, Family Support, and Child Abuse

We stand ready to support your parenting education and family support services. Our clearly written publications benefit readers by sharing positive parenting techniques, and are designed to address family domestic violence, neglect of a child, and child abuse in all of its forms. Our research-based tools are ideal for parenting workshops, parenting programs, and all of your community outreach.

Emergency Preparedness and Safety

In an emergency, every second counts -- and that's when preparedness makes all the difference. Our engaging products and publications outline the essentials of emergency and disaster preparedness, and highlight key safety topics such as developing a family emergency preparedness plan and safety kit. Count on our resources to support all of your community emergency-preparedness programs!

Mental Health, Stress, and Anger Management

We recognize how hard you work to bring mental health issues out of the shadows, and to encourage mental health treatment and support for affected individuals and families. Our positive publications foster mental health awareness, promote stress management strategies, offer effective anger management tips, and provide information on a range of mental health-related conditions, such as depression, grief, anxiety, and bipolar disorders.


Education and awareness are the most powerful tools in stemming the tide of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) impacting communities across the nation. Our fact-based and straightforward publications are ideal for supporting AIDS education and prevention programs, and for the prevention of STDs in general. We offer audience-targeted products for at-risk populations -- perfect for AIDS-education programs in schools or community health centers -- as well as HIV patient education to support ongoing care.

Healthy Home Environments and Lead Poisoning Prevention

A healthy environment at home provides a strong foundation for an entire family's physical and emotional well-being. Our family home health publications outline the simple and effective steps that every family can take to ensure a positive and healthy atmosphere. Our childhood lead poisoning prevention pamphlets, booklets, and other resources quickly and clearly detail risks and describe safety measures. By distributing these resources, you can help make environmental health and safety a priority.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention

Alcohol and drug abuse take a devastating toll on individuals, families, and society, and the negative health consequences of tobacco use are a major public health concern. With over 50 years of publishing experience, our highly researched and accessible publications have earned trust as key resources for effective drug prevention programs. From youth drug prevention to overcoming addiction, to smoking-cessation education, we provide products to support all of your substance abuse prevention efforts.

Flu Preparedness and Hygiene

As you know, hygiene and health go hand in hand. But it's not always easy to get that message across. That's why we've designed a wide variety of flu preparedness and hand hygiene resources, detailing hand washing guidelines, immunization programs, and more. Best of all, we offer products targeting all ages, so you can be sure to reach everyone in your community!

Health Promotion, Chronic Illness, and Public Health

More Americans than ever are impacted by diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illness. Rely on our straightforward products and publications to support your health-promotion programs. We offer audience-targeted health and wellness products in a variety of styles and formats, from convenient tabbed quick-reference guides to attractive health-education magazines. Count on us for all of your public health and wellness promotion needs!

Nutrition, Weight Management, and Fitness

Good nutrition, weight management, and exercise are at the heart of nearly every preventive health program, yet we understand how challenging it can be to motivate people to get moving! Our positive and step-by-step resources make it easy to promote nutrition education for children, clearly outline fitness and health tips for the whole family, and share valuable insight for a lifetime of health and fitness. Be sure to stock up on nutrition-education handouts and other products for your next community event!

Rabies and Animal Control

Animals and humans share neighborhoods -- and even homes. Our accessible resources highlight essential animal safety facts, rabies prevention guidelines, rabies awareness for families and children, and pet care basics. Stock up now and be sure that our pamphlets and books on rabies are available in your community!


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