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Resources to Support Parenting Programs, Boost Family Support Services, Promote Effective Parenting, and Aid in the Prevention of Child Abuse

Child Abuse Prevention

Prevention of child abuse is everyone's responsibility, and everyone should know how to recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect of a child, and how to report child abuse. Our fact-based and age-focused resources -- many developed in conjunction with Prevent Child Abuse America -- will support all of your education and outreach needs.

Dating and Relationships

People of all ages should understand the difference between healthy relationships and unhealthy or even potentially dangerous situations. We provide straightforward and highly readable resources for teens and adults that clarify relationships and dating, and provide valuable support and advice.


Positive, effective discipline for children is one of the most challenging -- and important -- parenting skills. Our supportive and easy-to-follow titles encourage positive child discipline techniques and help parents recognize the lines between effective discipline and child abuse.

Family Violence

Children from violent homes struggle in so many ways, and parents often feel helpless as their family falls apart before their eyes due to violence. Our straightforward awareness tools outline family violence facts, detail types of family violence, and explain how to break free from the cycle of family domestic violence.


Regardless of family situation, fathers have a responsibility to support their children. Our easy-to-follow fatherhood books, pamphlets, and quick-reference tools help men set priorities and develop effective parenting skills, while emphasizing their important role in supporting a child's physical, emotional, and behavioral needs. These effective resources are just what you need to support fatherhood programs and all of your community education and outreach.

Guiding Good Choices®

Channing Bete Company brings you the Guiding Good Choices program, a science-based, proven-effective substance abuse prevention program that gives parents the skills they need to ensure the future well-being of their children. An ideal resource for substance abuse prevention and treatment block-grant services -- and just one of the many reasons we are your trusted resource for parenting programs.

Internet Safety

Helping kids stay safe online requires both an awareness of the dangers and a clear understanding of how to head off problems before they occur. Count on our reliably accurate materials to promote safe browsing and provide key Internet security tips for parents with children of all ages.

Parenting and Adolescence

It's no secret that adolescence is a critical and challenging time for families. You can help parents and teens stay on track by distributing our insightful parenting resources, including titles discussing teenage parenting advice, discipline for teenagers, Internet security tips, and effective parenting basics -- and offering guidance to help teens avoid substance abuse and other unhealthy choices.

Parents and Stress

Parenting can be a joyful experience, but it's certainly stressful. The support, advice, and guidance in our confidence-boosting publications will help you assist parents under stress. Our easy-to-distribute publications quickly and effectively address parenting stress -- before a family situation becomes unhealthy or dangerous.

Partner Abuse Prevention

Once a pattern of domestic partner abuse is established, it's difficult to break -- and the damage can often be serious and long-term. In clear terms, our publications provide key information on family violence and emotional abuse of a partner, and offer advice on getting help and ensuring that people understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships

Peer Pressure

As children grow older, peers have a stronger influence on choices and behaviors. In terms teens can understand, our resources explain the risks related to peer influence, and detail how to deal with peer pressure. We also offer resources for parents that explain the facts about peer pressure, and the effects of peer pressure on teenagers.

Special Needs

Count on our enlightening titles to clarify the complex issues surrounding educational and social challenges for a child with special needs. Families with special needs children will appreciate the insight and advice -- and you can be confident that you're providing research-based, easy-to-understand information.

Staying Connected with Your Teen®

Channing Bete Company presents the Staying Connected with Your Teen parenting education program, a proven-effective series of video- and workshop-based modules that get parents and teens working together to encourage effective communication and family management practices and decrease conflict. Just one reason that we are your trusted source for evidence-based parenting programs!