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Support Mental Health Treatment, Promote Understanding of Mental Health Issues, and Raise Awareness of Stress- and Anger-Management Techniques

Addiction and Recovery

Our publications describe the types of addiction, offer advice and support, and point the way to recovery. Our titles on addiction recovery guide not only the patient but also his or her family, toward a healthier future.

Anger Management

Healthy relationships require anger-management techniques for handling emotions in positive ways -- especially when tempers flare. Our resources raise awareness of how anger affects individuals physically and emotionally, detail the serious potential consequences that uncontrolled anger can cause, and provide proven-effective anger-management tips and advice.

Anxiety and Bipolar Disorders, and Other Mental Illnesses

Our publications promote mental health awareness and build understanding of various mental illnesses, with an emphasis on seeking treatment when needed. We offer titles detailing the symptoms of anxiety, explaining bipolar disorders, and describing common treatments. Dealing with anxiety and other mental disorders can be extremely difficult -- rely on our resources to support your education and treatment programs.


Our affordable and accessible products guide people to a better understanding of a serious condition, covering everything your patients and families need to know about depression -- including titles on coping with depression, treating depression, and helping loved ones who are depressed.

Good Mental Health

We have products that are engaging, easy to understand, and appropriate for every audience's mental health information needs. They're ideal for Mental Health Month in May, and throughout the year!


The loss of a loved one is difficult at any age. Help people gain a clear understanding of the grieving process and understand the emotions they're experiencing. Our supportive materials discuss issues surrounding children and the death of a loved one, outline the stages of grief, and support adults who are dealing with grief.


A strong sense of self-esteem helps people make their own decisions, communicate assertively, build social support, and improve their skills and knowledge. Low self-esteem, on the other hand, can contribute to a range of problems, such as staying in abusive relationships. Our resources support your efforts to help people confront self-esteem issues, and live more successful, fulfilling lives.

Stress Management

Raise awareness of the link between stress and health, how to manage stress, and how to develop effective stress-management strategies with the practical stress-management tips found in our education and awareness products. They're ideal for stress-management programs and all of your education and outreach needs.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a difficult subject for people to talk about. Our insightful suicide-prevention resources explain suicide warning signs, explore the causes of suicide, and offer guidance to those who are considering suicide and to those who want to help.