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Products displayed: Planning A Healthy Pregnancy; A Self-Care Handbook (93222). Breastfeeding -- Information For New And Expectant Parents (36974).
Products displayed: From Birth To Age One -- A Calendar With Tips For Parents (50306). Your Guide To Your Baby's First Year (83926). Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Baby's First Year (96251). We Can Learn About Lead Safety! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58951). Immunize Your Child! Vaccine Information For Parents (36779). 14 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy (23382). Caring For Yourself After Childbirth; A Self-Care Handbook (91489).

Resources to Support Maternal and Child Health Programs, Postpartum Care Planning, Positive Parenting, and Healthy Families

Breastfeeding, Nutrition, and WIC

Our motivational and easy-to-follow resources support your breastfeeding education efforts, promote nutrition for children, emphasize the benefits of breastfeeding, and provide breastfeeding tips and advice. They're exceptional ways to showcase nutrition guidelines and complement WIC's goal of improving the nutritional status of infants and children.

Child Care and Development

Parents want to be sure they are doing their best in caring for their child and that their child is on track every step of the way. You can motivate and guide parents with the help of the resources you'll find here, including titles that inform parents about nutrition and bonding and that clearly outline child developmental milestones.

Child Health and Immunization

Our highly researched infant- and child-health titles explain healthy habits for kids, infant immunization schedules, and other critical information. Whether you need an immunization chart, a comprehensive child health guide, or a quick-reading pamphlet, we have the resources you need.

Child Safety

Enlighten parents with fact-based information on child health and safety using our audience-targeted products and publications. In straightforward terms, our pamphlets, booklets, and other resources outline child safety facts and simple measures that can decrease risk.

Children’s Dental Health

Good oral health means more than a bright smile -- it plays a key role in overall health throughout a lifetime. Encourage parents to stay vigilant in providing dental care, help kids understand the benefits of healthy teeth, and ease anxiety about visiting the dentist with our audience-focused resources.

Family Planning

Guide people through a thoughtful, healthy approach to planning a family with our supportive publications. Whether someone needs information on how to prepare for pregnancy, or advice on how to avoid getting pregnant, we'll help you deliver the facts people need.

Healthy Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

Support expecting families with the help of our carefully researched publications covering nutrition in pregnancy, maternal and child health, and other healthy pregnancy topics. Our products come in a variety of styles and formats to fit your audience, including healthy pregnancy calendars, interactive handbooks, and tabbed quick-reference guides!

Infant Care and Development

The decisions new and expecting parents make set the stage for a lifetime of development. Count on our engaging and insightful products to support newborn and infant care education programs and maternal child health services. Our products cover infant and baby care, child care, health and safety, and more.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

For the sake of their children's future, parents can't afford to ignore the threat of exposure to lead. Use our audience-targeted materials to spotlight prevention of lead poisoning and keep families healthy and safe! Count on our lead poisoning prevention pamphlets, booklets, and other resources to support your outreach and education efforts.

Postpartum Care

The support women receive after a baby arrives can make all the difference in their own -- and their baby's -- emotional and physical health. We offer informative resources for promoting good maternal health and a loving, nurturing mother-child relationship; encouraging a postpartum care plan; and raising awareness of postpartum depression.