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Products displayed: Quitting For Life; A Self-Care Handbook (93646). Long-Term Birth Control -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Implants, IUDs And Injections (82216). We Can Stay Healthy With Immunizations! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58935). Weight Management -- Balancing Diet And Exercise (77050). Your Guide To Your Child's Asthma (81413). Wash Away Germs For Clean Hands! Cling (91877).
Products displayed: We Can Wash Our Hands! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (59032). Your Guide To Quitting Smoking (83901). Hepatitis B; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (40047). Healthside(R) Magazine -- Help Your Child Maintain A Healthy Weight (91268). 
A Healthy Home -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Household Hazards (81427). 9 Reasons To Get Tested For Diabetes (24798). 11 Ways To Stay Safe In The Heat (24945). Your Blood Pressure -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Controlling It (80780). Public Health -- Supporting You And Your Community (36895).

Find Resources to Support Health Education and Health Promotion, and Raise Awareness of Healthy Living and Disease Prevention!


Our resources will help you provide answers to common questions, define symptoms of asthma, offer advice on childhood asthma and clarify misconceptions about an ailment that affects millions.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure isn't always an obvious problem, but it's one that can have serious consequences. We're here to help you promote understanding of the causes of high blood pressure, and how to control blood pressure. Count on us to supply the accurate, research-based blood pressure information your community needs!

Cancer Prevention and Screening

Channing Bete Company® materials will help you provide the latest cancer information, promote cancer screening and early detection, and educate your community on the prevention of cancer.


Ideal for general community education and for ongoing patient support, our publications provide research-based information on a serious health risk factor -- including practical advice on lowering cholesterol and staying healthy.

Communicable Diseases

Sharing is nice, but not when it comes to germs and communicable diseases. Keep individuals and families informed with audience-targeted health education and health promotion products and publications.

Dental Care

Good oral health means more than a bright smile -- it plays a key role in overall health throughout a lifetime. Encourage parents to stay vigilant in providing dental care, help kids understand the benefits of healthy teeth, and ease anxiety about dentist visits with the help of our accessible, audience-targeted resources. We also offer titles on brushing teeth and adult dental care as well!


More people than ever are living with diabetes. We can help you provide clear, easy-to-reference guidance on diabetes prevention, diabetes and exercise, diabetes meal planning, testing, risk factors, and more.

Family Planning

Guide people through a thoughtful, healthy approach to planning a family with our supportive publications. Whether someone needs information on how to prepare for pregnancy, or advice on how to avoid getting pregnant, we'll help you deliver the facts people need.

Fitness and Exercise

As you know, a few simple steps can make a significant difference in physical fitness and health. Our supportive materials emphasize the benefits of weight loss and exercise programs and support your efforts to keep your community active and healthy!

Health Disparities

When you're looking for culturally competent resources to help you break down racial and ethnic disparities in health care, we can help -- with accurate, accessible resources on the health topics of greatest concern to underserved communities.

Heart Health

Heart disease remains a deadly problem, though many risk factors -- such as smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure -- can be successfully managed. Our easy-to-follow titles can help you educate people on heart disease health and how to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy.


A clear understanding of hepatitis is vital for health staff, patients, and families. Our products promote awareness of the risk of hepatitis, boost understanding of the types of hepatitis treatment -- and remind everyone to take precautions to prevent contracting all types of hepatitis.

HIV and Other STDs

Contracting HIV or any other STD can be life changing. Count on our resources to help you spotlight the information at-risk populations need to know about STDs, the most effective ways to prevent the spread of HIV, information on living with HIV, and more. Our products are research-based, easy to read, audience-targeted, and include specific products for both men and women.

Hygiene and Infection Control

Hygiene plays an important role in helping to slow the spread of germs. You can help people improve their germ-prevention strategies -- and their health -- with the easy-to-understand hygiene tips found in our audience-targeted publications.


From helping families stick to an immunization schedule to busting common myths surrounding immunization, we have the products you need for community education. Find audience-targeted products that clarify immunization guidelines, detail newborn immunization schedules, promote flu immunization, and tout the benefits of vaccination for many other illnesses.


Serving sizes, nutritional labels on packaged foods: When readers have the right tools, making diet and nutrition choices is much easier, and maintaining a healthy weight is just around the corner.

Pandemic and Seasonal Flu

Break through "flu warning fatigue" with no-nonsense information, current recommendations, the benefits of flu vaccination, the risk of pandemic influenza, and straightforward facts on the possible consequences of failing to take precautions.

Public Health Services

Trust our health and wellness products to support your health promotion programs, encourage healthy behaviors, and eliminate health disparities.

Sexual Health

We've designed products and publications to help prevent the spread of HIV and other STDs, including products that specifically target at-risk populations. Our research-based and easy-to-distribute products are ideal for school- or community-based sex education programs, and for all of your education and outreach.

Smoking Cessation

Whether you're looking for an effective guide to quitting smoking or smoking cessation handouts for school or office visits, or you're creating a comprehensive smoking-cessation teaching plan, we have the tools you need. Fact-based, understandable, and easy to distribute, they're ideal for tobacco and smoking-cessation education.


Help people recognize that tuberculosis remains a serious health concern, and give them the facts about symptoms of tuberculosis, tuberculosis testing, tuberculosis screening, tuberculosis management, and more, with the resources you'll find here.

Weight Management

Featuring information about nutrition, exercise programs, and maintaining a healthy weight throughout life, our motivational resources will help you educate people about positive lifestyle changes that can prevent obesity and associated diseases.


Help people of all ages focus on the health and wellness habits that make a difference in quality of life! We have just what you need for community health education and health promotion.