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Products displayed: Emergency Preparedness -- Keeping Tabs(R) On What To Do (83255). Your Guide To Emergency Preparedness (83942). Home Emergency Supply Checklist Cling (93903). We Can Get Ready For Emergencies! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58837). How People With Disabilities Or Special Health Needs Can Prepare For An Emergency; A Self-Care Handbook (92860). Emergency Planning For Pet Owners -- Help Your Animal Stay Safe! (23097).

Prepare Now, Survive Later!

Products to Motivate Individuals and Families to Develop Emergency Preparedness Plans, and to Stay Focused on Community and Personal Safety

General Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. Our materials spotlight emergency preparedness at home, and encourage creating an emergency preparedness plan. Be sure to see our emergency preparedness checklists, emergency preparedness guides, and emergency preparedness books. All of these resources are ideal for National Preparedness Month in September and throughout the year!

Preparedness for Children

Even very young children should have a basic understanding of what to do should an emergency strike. We offer many titles that focus on family emergency preparedness and that spotlight emergency preparedness for children. Our interactive emergency preparedness handbooks provide comprehensive and ongoing support to keep people safe!

Preparedness for Older Adults

Seniors with disabilities, those with serious health issues, and other older adults should take particular care to be ready for emergencies. We offer resources that consider the unique concerns of older adults -- and that are designed to quickly and clearly relay important information.


Public health and safety walk hand in hand. That's why we're proud to provide publications and products spotlighting safety for kids, Internet safety tips, and general safety awareness. Our audience-targeted, accessible resources are perfect for educational safety programs and community-wide safety presentations.