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Resources to Support Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Services, Promote Drug Abuse Curriculums, Encourage Overcoming Addiction, and Educate Parents and Families

Addiction and Recovery

Our publications describe types of addiction and the stages of addiction, and outline steps to overcoming addiction. We provide pamphlets and books on addiction that guide not only the patient, but also his or her family, toward a healthier future. Count on us for all of your drug abuse prevention needs!


Every community -- and populations young and old -- is impacted by alcohol abuse. Rely on our resources to educate community members of all ages on alcohol abuse prevention, alcohol relapse prevention, and the risks involved with abusing alcohol.

Community and Parent Education

Parents and community leaders need a clear understanding of the drugs that threaten their children and families and the tools needed to counter the problem. Count on us for titles on youth drug prevention, teenage addiction, and age-appropriate titles spotlighting drug prevention for kids.

Guiding Good Choices®

Channing Bete Company brings you the Guiding Good Choices program, a science-based, proven-effective substance abuse prevention program that gives parents the skills they need to ensure the future well-being of their children. An ideal resource for substance abuse prevention and treatment block-grant services -- and just one of the many reasons we are your trusted resource for parenting programs.

Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, and Other Drugs

Every community faces unique challenges. We've designed titles covering a range of drug problems, including resources on marijuana addiction, cocaine addiction, and methamphetamine addiction, as well as emerging problems such as club drugs and synthetic drugs with names like "spice" and "bath salts."

Refusal Skills and Media Awareness

We provide audience-targeted resources that cut through media myths using hard facts, give young people refusal skills for alcohol and other drugs, and help readers gain the confidence they need to say no.

Staying Connected with Your Teen®

Channing Bete Company presents the Staying Connected with Your Teen parenting education program, a proven-effective series of video- and workshop-based modules that get parents and teens working together to encourage effective communication and family management practices and decrease conflict. Just one reason that Channing Bete Company is your trusted source for evidence-based parenting programs!

Workplace Abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace is a ticking time bomb that could destroy the career and life of the employee who's using -- and perhaps others as well. Our publications will help you deliver a strong warning of the risks and point the way to recovery.