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Wraps and Bind-ins --

Two Easy Ways to Add Your Specific Information to Our Products

Easy, economical, and versatile, a wrap or bind-in gives you a cost-effective way to add your specific information to one of our existing products.

Products displayed: Family Shots wrap, bind-in (68338). Putting Waste In Its Place (62512B).

What are they?

A wrap is a customized cover you can add to any stock booklet you purchase.

A bind-in is an insert added to the inside pages.

Used together or individually, they provide you with up to eight pages you can use to:

  • add a letter to your readers
  • include a perforated, tear-off appointment card or audience-response vehicle
  • add addresses and postage for mailing your booklet
  • and more!

A wrap or bind-in lets you put all your specific information in a highly visible location -- and accomplish your communication goals!

Please note: Wraps and bind-ins have minimum-quantity ordering requirements.

Sample Wraps

Product displayed: Family Shots wrap (68338A)

Adding a wrap to our "Why Adults Need 'Shots'" booklet with Classic illustrations provided this customer with

  • a full-color cover with realistic illustrations
  • space to list the facts about adult immunization and reassure readers that immunizations help protect one's health for life
  • an adult immunization schedule on the perforated back cover that readers could detach and post as an ongoing reminder to stay up-to-date on their immunizations.
Product displayed: Putting Waste In Its Place (62512B)


This 4-color wrap was added to our stock booklet "Putting Waste In Its Place." It included a perforate-and-separate directory of phone numbers that residents could post in a convenient location for quick reference -- a good way to help them get their questions answered easily and help ensure compliance with our customer's recycling program.

Product displayed: About Substance Abuse At Work (14837)


Our existing "On The Job Substance Abuse" booklet was given a wrap with the customer's name and logo on the front, the customer's company policy on the inside front cover, and the Drug-Free Workplace Act on the inside back cover -- making it a customer-specific piece that educated employees and helped satisfy government mandates.

Sample Bind-Ins

	Product displayed: Living Your Life With Diabetes (92437), cover, pages 30-31, bind-in.

Adding a bind-in to our "Living Your Life With Diabetes; A Self-Care Handbook" made it easy for people to request information about programs that interested them -- and showed our customer's interest in providing its members with the services they need.

The bind-in insert provided a take-along card with emergency information and a fill-in medication reminder -- two features that helped ensure the resource would be kept and used.

	Product displayed: Your State Healthy Kids Program (055301), cover, pages 8-9, bind-in

Encouraging parents to have their children immunized was given a boost with the addition of a bind-in to our easy-to-read and reassuring booklet. The bind-in featured a chart parents could detach and keep for at-a-glance information on which shot or shots their child should have at different ages. Ideal for posting in an easy-to-see location, the chart also included space for parents to record the date each shot was given -- a good way to alert them when a shot has been missed.

Minimum Order Requirements

Before requesting a wrap or bind-in, make sure your order meets our minimum-quantity requirement of 5,000 units for most formats.

Exceptions include:


Minimum Quantity

Presentation packages






Tote envelopes




At-Home and self-care guides


Pop-up sheet sets


Pocket Minder® cards


For information on formats not listed above, please call 1-800-343-1649.

Personal Service!

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