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Starting from Scratch: Creating Custom Publications to Help You Reach Your Specific Communication Goals

Products displayed: Safe Driving -- A Guide To Teaching The New Driver (66152). Prom Magazine For Teens (61859). Healthy And Happy! It Starts With Immunizations And Healthy Eating! (64222).

Channing Bete Company's unique combination of experience, expertise, and skill makes us the perfect partner for helping you find custom solutions to your communication challenges.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your communication goals, we'll work with you every step of the way to:

  • understand the communication problem you need to solve and who your target audience is
  • talk about your budget, your distribution needs, and your delivery date
  • decide on a creative approach that takes into account your logo, typefaces, color, and any other style standards you want included in your message
  • articulate the content of your message
  • ensure that all information is credible and scientifically and legally sound
  • deliver a custom publication that suits your needs -- on time and on budget.

By adhering to a strict, research-based development process and following the highest writing and design standards, we'll create a custom product for you that is -- like all Channing Bete Company® products -- readable, reliable, and effective for motivating your audience to act!
Please note: Custom publications are specially priced and have a minimum-order requirement. To find out if these required quantities fit your needs, see the information below.

(Stock covers shown) Products displayed: Hugs & Health(TM) Magazine -- Baby's First Year (96251). Parenting Corner -- Get Involved In Your Child's Education! (Elementary School Edition) (95349)

Looking for custom magazines?
Look no further.

We've created appealing, audience-targeted magazines for our customers in health care, education, human services, the military, and many other areas, and we can do the same for you. If there's a topic our magazines don't already cover, we can create a brand-new one for you. We'll work with you one-on-one to:

  • understand your communication needs and target audience
  • develop a creative approach that includes your logo, typefaces, color, or other desired style standards
  • articulate the content of your message
  • ensure that all information is credible and scientifically and legally sound
  • meet your budget and delivery date.

Making disease prevention a work of (children's) art

Product pages: Beat Disease -- Immunize Please! (50872), November and inside cover.Products displayed: Healthy And Happy! It Starts With Immunizations And Healthy Eating! (64222C, 64222D, and 64222E)

Preventing childhood diseases was a concern for this customer, as too many parents -- uninformed about the possible health consequences -- were not having their children immunized. By choosing a calendar format and incorporating children's original artwork into the final design, we created an original, attention-getting resource that parents were happy to display in their homes. We made maximum use of every page, incorporating tips on nutrition, first aid, and exercise, and space for users to record emergency numbers for quick reference. It all combined to make this a convenient, information-rich, and attractive resource that the customer chose to keep using -- and chose to have us update with photographic illustrations -- over the years.

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Designing a new way to deliver important prom-safety information

Product displayed: Prom Magazine For Teens (61859), Cover and pages 2-3Product displayed: Prom Magazine Parent's Edition (61848), Cover and pages 2-3

We had engaging, research-based resources addressing all of the issues the customer wanted to cover, including sexual responsibility, ATOD prevention, and other health and safety titles for teens. What was needed, however, was one resource that covered them all, specifically aimed at prom night, when risky behaviors were all too common. In addition, the customer wanted a publication that would actively involve parents -- and wouldn't turn off teens.

We accomplished all of the above by taking the content the customer wanted from our best-selling workbooks and creating two new magazine-style publications, one for parents and the other aimed at teens. We used familiar magazine components such as feature articles, advice columns, comic strips, and special-interest pieces to present important information, and gave each publication a hip, glossy look. As eye-catching and accessible as any of today's popular magazines, the publications helped our customer get the message across that prom night could be safe and fun.

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Using new media to deliver a statewide training solution

Products displayed: Pandemic Flu Preparedness For Individuals And Families; A Presentation Kit (92184). How You Can Be Prepared For A Flu Pandemic; An Individual And Family Handbook (64838).

Preparing for pandemic flu had become a national priority, and our customer, like many employers, was looking for a way to prevent potentially devastating illness-related disruptions to its business. It turned to Channing Bete Company for a comprehensive, verifiable training program that could be administered via intranet to each and every one of its employees at its many sites throughout the state with complete fidelity, and be used to ensure compliance.

Channing Bete Company started with research-based content the customer liked from our existing flu-prevention presentation package. We reorganized the content into two easy-to-watch fifteen-minute sections, added narration that helped keep viewers involved, and included a completion form for employees to print out and use to document their training.

The result was a CD-based program that was easy to deliver, easy for employees to view at their desks at their own convenience, and easy for Human Resources to use for confirming compliance. By including our interactive "How You Can Be Prepared For A Flu Pandemic; An Individual And Family Handbook" in the project, we also made it easy for employees and their families to keep the flu-prevention message alive at home.

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Helping drive one customer's campaign for better drivers' education

Product pages: Safe Driving -- A Guide To Teaching The New Driver (68031), Cover and pages 6-7.Product pages: Safe Driving For Life -- A Parent's Guide To Teaching Your Teen To Drive (63052), Cover and pages 2-3.

With only a handful of its high schools offering drivers' education, it fell to parents in one state to teach children to drive. Our customer had an existing guide that was difficult for parents and students to navigate, and turned to us for a new publication that presented information in a clearer, more reader-friendly way.

We rewrote and reorganized the customer's existing content to make it easier to follow, then added interactive features -- including chapter reviews and checklists for tracking progress -- and the illustrations the customer liked from our existing product line.

We also:

  • added a Glossary of Terms and a Practice Driving Log that grew the guide from its previous 32 pages to 36 pages, and made it more interactive
  • changed from a 2-color to a 4-color design
  • replaced the original realistic illustrations with photographic illustrations
  • replaced a list of statistics on the back cover with bold, bulleted text explaining the state's Graduated License Law.

The resulting colorful new look helped prepare more new drivers to "arrive alive."

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Minimum Order Requirements

Custom publications require special pricing and a minimum order of 20,000 units.

Exceptions include:


Minimum Quantity

Presentation packages






Tote envelopes


For information on formats not listed above, please call 1-800-343-1649.

Personal Service!

A member of our nationwide sales team will work one-on-one with you to create the materials you need. Call 1-800-343-1649 to contact the representative in your area.