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Channing Bete Company® Advantages --

History, Expertise, and a Product Line That Is Second to None

In a word, Channing Bete Company is unique. More than 50 years ago, we pioneered the use of Scriptography®, our trademarked publication style in which reader-friendly text and graphics are combined to convey key messages quickly and help readers retain and act on the information they learned.

Since then, we've grown to become a trusted supplier of education and communication materials to schools, public health organizations, private and government agencies, and corporations. We offer a product line unique in its breadth and depth, and in a wide range of age- and audience-targeted formats.

We're also unique in the way we ensure the quality, accuracy, and appropriateness of our publications by:

  • adhering to a strict research-based product development process
  • following carefully developed writing and design standards for readability
  • focus-group-testing our product formats with target audiences
  • conducting comprehensive internal and external expert review
  • revising products to reflect the most recent research findings and ensure up-to-date accuracy.

And we're unique in the way our products help motivate people to make positive changes. In independent evaluations of selected product formats, it was shown that most people remember the information they learn through Channing Bete Company publications and intend to act on it.

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