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Adaptation: Incorporating Your Information or Image
into Any of Our Existing Products

-- easy changes that can help make our publications specific to your needs!

 Products displayed: Shots For Tots -- The Importance Of Immunization For Your Child (11551). Caring For Your Baby -- About Newborn And Infant Care; A Parent's Handbook (93213).

Thousands of titles, hundreds of topics, dozens of formats... the Channing Bete Company product line is second to none in its breadth and depth.

Even with our extensive range of products, there may be times when you have specific information you need to convey to your audience. That's when our adaptation services come into play.

Without ever compromising the readability, reliability, accuracy, or effectiveness of our content, we can adapt any of our research-based products to help you reach people with your particular information.

We can:

  • incorporate your logo, typeface, trademarked character, or other relevant images
  • change product colors and other design elements
  • include specific information you want people to receive

-- and much more.

Please note: Adaptations have minimum-quantity ordering requirements.

Products displayed: Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Caring For Your New Baby (96130) cover. Healthside(TM) Magazine -- Great Ways To Manage Your Child's Asthma (95879) pages 2 and 8. Parenting Corner -- Starting School (Kindergarten Edition) (95585) page 8. Parenting Corner -- Get Involved In Your Child's Education! (Elementary School Edition) (95349) page 9.

Magazine Adaptations

We designed all of our stock magazines to make them adaptable to your needs. Here are a few ideas of what we can do for you:

  • Add a custom cover -- Like what's on the inside but want a different look? We can design a customized cover featuring the artwork, text, typeface, color palette, and other design elements of your choice.
  • Send them a letter -- We can replace the standard letter from the editor with a letter from your organization letting readers know about available services, regional information, or whatever else you need to communicate.
  • Replace an article -- All of our stock magazines are designed so that we can replace a one- or two-page article with either an article from one of our other stock magazines or content written just for you.
  • Give it your own spin -- We can rewrite any article to incorporate a phone number to call for more information, add a paragraph or two about your program, or otherwise make it fit your needs.
  • Raise a different question -- We can replace one, two, or all of the questions in a magazine's Q&A section with the questions your target audience is asking.
  • Back up your message -- We can take out the "public service announcement" section on the back cover and replace it with a different message, contact information for your organization, a checklist, or any other content you like.
  • Advertising? You control the message -- All of our stock magazines are advertisement-free, so you know the agenda is strictly to educate readers and help them live healthier lives. Yet the magazines' adaptability means you can replace an article with an advertisement for your own services, or sell space to the organizations of your choosing. It's all in your hands.

And that's just the beginning! When it comes to adaptations, you'll be amazed how many possibilities there are. Our experienced creative team is ready to go to work on your materials and help you come up with the most effective options. And you can be sure you'll get the same readability, reliability, and accuracy we guarantee for all our products.

Sample Adaptations

Different customers, different looks

We had two customers -- both of which loved our existing booklet, "Shots For Tots," and both of which had specific elements they wanted to include.

For the first customer, we changed the cover, added the customer's contact information, and converted the booklet to full-color.

Product image: Shots For Tots (11551), pages 2-3.Product image: Shots For Tots (11551), pages 2-3.
Product image: Shots For Tots (11551), pages 2-3.

The second customer had been using cartoon characters in its other campaigns, which it wanted included in its immunization outreach efforts. We incorporated these familiar characters into our existing booklet, making it quickly identifiable and reassuring to readers.

Turning an informative publication into a cherished keepsake

Here we took our easy-to-follow "Caring For Your Baby -- About Newborn And Infant Care; A Parent's Handbook" and added features that turned it into a scrapbook parents-to-be would be happy to receive as a gift, keep forever, and refer to for support again and again.

Product image: Caring for Your Baby -- About Newborn And Infant Care; A Parent's Handbook (93213), pages 20-21.Product image: Caring For Your Baby -- About Newborn And Infant Care; A Parent's Handbook (93213)


Adding a die-cut window to the front cover let parents-to-be display the first sonogram or baby picture.

Including space to record Special Memories helped an important educational resource gain new life as a scrapbook.

Charming design details, such as the softly colored nursery-like quilting, added instant appeal.

Ordering Requirements

Before requesting an adaptation, make sure your order meets our minimum-quantity requirement of 5,000 units for most formats.

Exceptions include:

Format to Be Adapted

Minimum Quantity

Presentation packages






Tote envelopes




At-Home and self-care guides


Pop-up sheet sets


Pocket Minder® cards


For information on formats not listed above, please call 1-800-343-1649.

Personal Service!

A member of our nationwide sales team will work one-on-one with you to create the materials you need. To order adapted materials, please call 1-800-343-1649 to contact the representative in your area.