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On® Workbooks Leader's Guides

On® Workbooks and Common Core State Standards

These teen-targeted resources do more than just teach teens about important education, safety, and health issues. The online Leader's Guides align content with the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. This helps teachers easily implement standards while raising awareness of the key issues teens face today!

For your convenience, each On workbook Leader's Guide is provided below. These guides provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete activities, as well as details on which Common Core State Standard for ELA they support!

Common Core Ready!

Online Leader's Guides align content with CCSS for ELA!

On® Academic Integrity (99576)K
On® Beating HIV (97375)K
On® Building Study Skills (97997)K
On® Dating (97817)K
On® Dealing With Depression (99265)K
On® Dealing With Grief (93965)K
On® Driving Safe And Smart (99003)K
On® Energy Careers (93848)K
On® Getting Fit (97170)K
On® Kicking Nicotine (97113)K
On® Living Drug-Free (97972)K
On® Living On Your Own (98250)K
On® Managing Anger (99363)K
On® Managing Your Money (93605)K
On® Postponing Sex (98136)K
On® Preventing Bullying (93995)K
On® Preventing STDs (93445)K
On® Renewable Energy (93257)K
On® Rethinking Drinking (97383)K
On® Starting High School (92714)K
On® Street Smarts (98357)K
On® Stressing Down (97154)K
On® Using Social Media (95501)K
On® Your Career (98111)K
On® Your Senior Year (99167)K

Also available!

These workbooks include online Leader's Guides that provide easy-to-follow instructions for activities that reinforce the material in the workbook! These Leader’s Guides are not correlated to Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

On® Deployment (93068)K
On® Reunion (92794)K