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Skill Books and Other Study Books

  • Interactive, self-directed, flexible, and easy to use, our skill books give students the practice -- and confidence -- they need to improve their comprehension and retention, build strong writing and communication skills, and realize better test scores.
  • Study books help readers sharpen personal skills and understand complex subjects.

Skill books support national standards!

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Designed for ages 14 and up and perfect for high school students -- or college students needing refreshers -- these books feature a combination of solid information, exercises, and activities that keep students engaged as they learn new skills and concepts, or sharpen the ones they already have.

Perfect for use in class, during tutoring or remedial-education sessions, or at home, these books are must-haves for helping all students achieve academic success.

Self-assessments enhance learning and let students
track their progress!

Appealing, up-to-date design!

Channing Bete Company® skill books are completely:

  • accurate
  • audience-targeted
  • interactive
  • flexible
  • engaging
  • effective!

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