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Products displayed: Manage Stress Slide Chart (4A-11465), front, back. Emergency Planning Slide Chart (4A-11405). Your Personal Safety Slide Chart (4A-11370). Reader window helps people focus on one message at a time! Product displayed: Manage Stress Slide Chart (4A-11465), front cover detail. Your imprint here! Products displayed: Having A Healthy Pregnancy Slide Chart (4A-11339). Using Medications Safely Slide Chart (4A-11886). Slide Charts measure 3 7/8 in x 8 1/2 in.

Slide Charts

Informative text and eye-catching graphics make for a fun and effective outreach tool!

Our innovative Slide Charts combine the best features of our most popular formats! They are easy to read thanks to their simple text, contain accurate information on important health and safety topics, and use colorful photographs to attract readers' attention. Plus, they include an innovative reader window feature!

Make your outreach dollars go further
with these affordable educational tools!

With all slide charts:

  • Content is easy to read, meaning more people will understand and respond to the information that you're providing!
  • A sliding inner card reveals messages one by one, which helps prevent information overload.
  • Information is accurate and based on authoritative research into the topic area.
  • Colorful graphics reinforce key content and help grab -- and keep -- people's attention!
  • Prices are affordable, and drop quickly with our quantity discounts.

Make your mark!

Personalize Slide Charts with your organization's logo or other information on the front cover.
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