Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats
Products displayed: Preventing Slips And Falls In The Home (39586). Stress Management; A Self-Care Handbook (93652). 12 Ways To Beat Stress (23300). What's Up(R) With Starting Middle School (98594). Quitting Smoking; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (47527). Preparing Your Emergency Supply Kit (35363). Healthy Pregnancy -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Your Health -- And Your Baby's (83304).

Product Formats

Our materials come in a wide range of formats and illustration styles to meet the needs of all different people!


Compelling text and eye-catching graphics add up to educational, motivational booklets in a variety of styles for a variety of readers.


When you want to say a lot in a small amount of space, look no further than our growing line of pamphlets. We've developed a variety of titles addressing the specific needs of your audience, at prices that make them easy to distribute to everyone you serve.


These date keepers are chock-full of useful information and activities to educate people while keeping track of important dates and appointments.


Want to make sure people are reminded of your important messages every day? Our durable clings stick to any smooth surface, making them a great way to keep your message in the public eye!

Coloring/Activities book

Activities, puzzles, games, stickers, and stories make it fun for children to learn about the important issues they face.


Make sure the information you want to provide is accessible to the people you serve with our convenient countertop, wall, and free-standing display racks.

Dry-Erase Boards

Reinforce your message every day with our Write Now Dry-Erase Boards -- their quick-reading tips and space for writing reminders make them the ideal product to reinforce the information in our publications.


Transforming words into deeds, knowledge into action... that's what our interactive handbooks are all about.

Information center

Give the people you serve all the information they need -- in one convenient place!


Our attractive magazines incorporate key advice and information into engaging articles, Q&A sections, recipes, and much more -- all at an affordable price, with no subscription required!


Attract some attention for your educational messages with our colorful and handy solid, picture-frame, and clip magnets!


Our posters provide bright, attractive ways to get your messages across!

Reminder card

Pocket Minder® cards are credit-card-sized, go-everywhere reminders that let you provide practical answers for specific health and safety questions -- information that helps turn "What should I do?" into positive action.

Slide charts

Slide charts combine the best features of our most popular formats -- they're easy to read, contain accurate information, and showcase colorful photographs! Plus, their innovative reader window helps people focus on one message at a time!

Stationery kits

Correspondence keeps loved ones close when they're apart -– but sometimes it's hard to sit down and write those letters. Our Write From The Heart7® stationery kits make letter writing easy -– and fun.


Kids love stickers -- and you'll love seeing them attach important reminders to book covers, backpacks, and lunch boxes -- things kids use every day!


Our Teaching Tales reach the very youngest readers (and pre-readers) with friendly characters and simple but important messages.

Study book

These interactive guides help students build and/or improve basic skills, and help people develop strong personal and parenting skills through the use of highly engaging exercises and activities.

Tabbed quick-reference guides

Our Keeping Tabs® series and Smart Guides reference books put the table of contents on the outside with colored subject tabs for quick and easy reference.

Tote/Tote kit

Ready-to-go tote kits include a sturdy envelope tote imprinted with an appropriate message and stuffed with a variety of Channing Bete Company® materials. Totes are also available separately so you can create your own kits.


All of our workbooks provide age-appropriate information, self-assessment exercises, problem-solving activities, friendly tips, and practical strategies.