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Stationery Kits

Helping families and couples stay close -- no matter how many miles are between them!

Write From The Heart® stationery kits are specially designed to promote regular, heartfelt correspondence between:

  • military families and deployed family members
  • families and an incarcerated family member.

Write From The Heart® stationery kits make letter writing easier, to help:

  • reduce worry at and away from home
  • ease loneliness
  • keep couples close
  • help families share warm feelings.

These attractive kits arrive already packed with everything adults and children need to stay in touch -- in one sturdy, portable package:

  • books of stationery with fun activities, writing tips, and fold-and-mail cards
  • greeting cards printed with special messages
  • 2 sheets of colorful stickers
  • mailing envelopes.

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