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Sync Magazines - You choose the issues that support your curriculum -- no subscription required! - 75% of teens in focus groups said they would read Sync Magazine if they had the opportunity! - Perfect for reading one article at a time -- ideal for readers with short attention spans! Product displayed: Sync Magazine -- Putting An End To Bullying (91537)T, cover, page 7.

Sync Magazines

Relevant advice on real issues facing teens today -- provided in a modern magazine format!

Eye-catching graphics and quick-reading articles make Sync magazines ideal for attracting and keeping teens' attention. And with no subscription required, you can choose the titles that best fit into your curriculum and schedule!

Common Core Ready!

Online Leader's Guides align content with CCSS for ELA!

Access Leader's Guides now!

Sync magazines:

  • draw on feedback provided by teen focus groups and extensive study of the target audience and topic area
  • deliver research-based information reviewed by experts in the field, for accuracy you can count on
  • use engaging stories, appealing features, and bold graphics -- perfect for drawing in reluctant readers
  • feature advertisement-free content in a flexible format, which can be incorporated into classroom lessons or used independently!

Sync Magazines and Common Core State Standards

These teen-targeted resources do more than just teach teens about important education, safety, and health issues. The online Leader's Guides align the content with the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. This helps teachers easily implement standards while also raising awareness of the key issues teens face today!

Order multiple topics at once to maximize quantity discounts. They can easily be fit into your academic calendar! - Products displayed: Sync Magazine -- Social Media Straight Talk (91656)T. Sync Magazine -- Training For A Skilled Career (91820)T. Sync Magazine -- Gear Up For High School (91878)T. Sync Magazine -- Prepping For College (91707)T, cover, page 3.

For your convenience, each Sync magazine Leader's Guide is provided here. These guides provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete activities, as well as details on which Common Core State Standard for ELA they support!

What educators are saying about Sync magazine:

"It's fresh and current -- related to all teens."

"Short articles that communicate critical information are great."

"It is honest, up front, and has wonderful and truly helpful information."

Here's what teens in focus groups have to say about Sync magazine!

"Tells you exactly what teens should hear."

"The bold graphics grab your attention."

"I liked it all. It's cool."

"I found it to be true and effective."

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