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Easy to distribute -- no subscription required! Grab attention with thought-provoking features and engaging articles on topics that matter to service members and families! Clearly written and designed to enhance readability -- to help you meet your education and awareness goals! Product displayed: ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Building Resilience (95947), cover, page 6.

ServingUS® Magazines

Packed with insight and practical advice for all branches of the military!

These appealing, advertisement-free magazines provide service members and their families with critical support on key issues -- in an engaging magazine format that they'll read, remember, and enjoy! These eye-catching magazines are designed for flexible distribution during briefings, in workshops, at counseling sessions, or direct to service members' homes through the mail!

Our magazines feature:

  • key advice on military life shared through compelling articles, first-person stories, features, and Q&A sections
  • a conversational writing style that's easy to understand and accessible to diverse audiences
  • reliably accurate guidance presented in a way that's informative and interesting
  • an eye-catching magazine-style cover -- plus space to personalize with your logo.
Combine multiple topics of interest in one order to maximize quantity discounts! Hand magazines out during briefings, or use the space on the back cover to add mailing information! Products displayed: ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Staying Strong During Deployment (96315), pages 6-7. ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Deployment Readiness Matters (96334), cover, pages 6-7. Covers: ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Building Resilience (95947). ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Family Reintegration (96359). ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Staying Strong During Deployment (96315). ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Post-Deployment Stress (96320).
Your imprint here! ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Staying Strong During Deployment (96315), front cover, back cover.

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Easy to personalize,
easy to mail!

We can imprint our magazines with your organization's name on the front or back cover! We can also imprint the back cover with address information to make the magazines into self-mailers. That's distribution made easy! Call 1-800-628-7733 for details.

We're also a full-service custom publisher!

We can adapt our magazines to include different content, or create a new magazine for you from scratch! Learn more about our adaptation services and custom publishing capabilities to see what we can do for you.