Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats
Products displayed: Healthside(R) Magazine -- Getting Your Diabetes Under Control (95474). Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Childhood Immunizations (95807). Parenting Corner -- Staying Active In Your Child's Education (Middle School Edition) (95517). ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Building Resilience (95947). Sync Magazine -- Gear Up For High School (91878)T.


Stories, practical articles, recipes, Q&A sections, and more make our magazines a compelling way to reach people with important information.

Healthside® Magazines

Reach people with key information on disease management and healthy-living topics, all in an eye-catching magazine format that's easy and affordable to distribute at office visits or health events, or to send to people's homes through the mail.

Hugs & Health® Magazines

Connect new and expecting parents with the information they need to provide confident, loving care -- in a format that fits their busy lifestyles! These attractive and affordable magazines are easy for you to distribute -- at new-parent classes, WIC offices, prenatal and well-child visits, and parenting workshops, or straight to people’s homes through the mail!

Parenting Corner Magazines

These magazines help schools and educators teach parents about attendance, bullying prevention, homework, school transition, and other parent involvement topics, and offer the benefits of a magazine with the freedom to distribute on your schedule!

ServingUS® Magazines

These appealing magazines provide service members and their families with critical support on key issues -- in an engaging magazine format that they'll read, remember, and enjoy! They're designed for flexible distribution during briefings, in workshops, at counseling sessions, or direct to service members' homes through the mail!

Sync Magazines

These teen-tested and teen-approved magazines use eye-catching graphics and quick-reading articles to teach teens about important educational, health, and safety topics! And with no subscription required, you can choose the titles that best fit into your curriculum and schedule.