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Stimulating features and articles on topics that matter to today's new and expecting parents! Large font size is easy on the eyes -- and helps you meet health literacy goals! Product displayed: Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Caring For Your New Baby (96130), cover and page 7.

Hugs & Health® Magazines

Prenatal and child health advice in a vibrant magazine format!

Connect new and expecting parents with the information they need to provide confident, loving care -- in a format that fits their busy lifestyles! These attractive and affordable magazines are easy for you to distribute -- at new-parent classes, WIC offices, prenatal and well-child visits, and parenting workshops, or straight to people’s homes through the mail!

Our magazines feature:

  • sensible prenatal and child health advice shared through stories, engaging articles, Q&A sections, and more
  • a large text size that makes our easy-to-understand content highly readable for successful health education
  • accuracy you can count on to enlighten and entertain readers
  • the look and style readers love -- plus space to personalize with your logo.
Distribute your way -- no subscription required! Combine multiple topics of interest in one order to maximize quantity discounts! Products displayed: Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Stop Lead Poisoning (96269), pages 4-5. Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Your Pregnancy (96247), pages 10-11. Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Your Pregnancy (96247). Covers: Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Caring For Your New Baby (96130). Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Childhood Immunizations (95807). Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Breastfeeding (96151). Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Taking Care Of Yourself After Your Baby's Born (96168). Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Stop Lead Poisoning (96269).
Your imprint here! Product displayed: Hugs & Health(R) Magazine -- Caring For Your New Baby (96130), front cover, back cover.

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Easy to make your own, easy to mail!

Personalize Hugs & Health magazines with your organization's name on the front or back cover! You can also personalize the back cover with address information to make the magazines into self-mailers. That's distribution made easy! Call 1-800-477-4776 for details.

We're also a full-service custom publisher!

We can adapt our magazines to include different content, or create a new magazine for you from scratch! Learn more about our adaptation services and custom publishing capabilities to see what we can do for you.