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Compelling headlines pull readers to features throughout the magazine. Product displayed: Healthside(R) Magazine -- Getting Your Diabetes Under Control (95474).

Healthside® Magazines

A compelling way to help people improve their health!

Reach people with key information to help them improve their health -- in an engaging format they'll love! These reader-friendly, eye-catching magazines are easy (and affordable) to give out at office visits, distribute at health events, or send to people's homes through the mail.

Our magazines feature:

  • key health facts and tips delivered through "just like me" stories, practical articles, Q&A sections, and more
  • accurate information that you -- and readers -- can always count on
  • a large text size that makes our easy-to-understand content highly readable for successful health education
  • a glossy magazine look with no subscription required -- plus space to personalize with your logo and information to show patients you care.
Large font size is easy on the eyes -- and helps you meet health literacy goals! Combine multiple topics of interest in one order to maximize quantity discounts! Products displayed: Healthside(R) Magazine -- Stay Safe From Mosquito-Borne & Tick-Borne Diseases (92473), cover and pages 6-7. Healthside(R) Magazine -- Managing High Blood Pressure With The DASH Diet (91430). Healthside(R) Magazine -- Fighting Off The Flu (91337), cover & page 6. Healthside(R) Magazine -- Bringing Down High Blood Pressure (95962). Healthside(R) Magazine -- Managing Your Stress (91311). Healthside(R) Magazine -- You Can Quit Smoking (96129).
Hand magazines out at office visits, or use the space on the back cover to add mailing information! Your imprint here! Product displayed: Healthside(R) Magazine -- Taking Charge Of COPD (96010), pages 1, 12

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Easy to make your own, easy to mail!

Personalize Healthside magazines with your organization's name on the front or back cover! You can also personalize the back cover with address information to make the magazines into self-mailers. That's distribution made easy! Call 1-800-477-4776 for details.

We're also a full-service custom publisher!

We can adapt our magazines to include different content, or create a new magazine for you from scratch! Learn more about our adaptation services and custom publishing capabilities to see what we can do for you.