Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats
Products displayed: Wire; 2-Tier, 6-Title Booklet Display Rack With Dividers (90548). Clear Acrylic; 2-Tier, 8-Title Booklet Display Rack (90571).

Display Racks and Dispensers

Make sure the information you want to provide is accessible to the people you serve!

Simply fill one of our literature display racks or dispensers with an assortment of publications and place it where the readers are. There's no easier way to get people the facts they need in materials they'll read.

Placed in a lobby, office waiting area, or other high-traffic location, literature displays make it easy to offer information. And passersby can help themselves without asking... a particularly important benefit when dealing with sensitive topics.

Our displays are constructed for years of use in active environments. A variety of styles, at affordable prices, makes it possible to purchase several racks for a variety of locations.