Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats

Learning for Life Series

Focus-Group Tested and Enthusiastically Approved
by Adults 65 and Up!

Here's the format that

The Learning for Life series was tested with focus groups made up of the target audience and found to be:

  • easy to follow
  • attractive
  • effective for increasing knowledge!
  • was developed to help adults ages 65 and older set achievable short-term goals and make realistic changes for a better quality of life
  • supports the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' goal to increase health literacy among older adults by making complex information easy to read, understand, and act on
  • meets recommendations for making printed material readable
    for older adults as found in guidelines from the Centers for
    Medicare and Medicaid Services!
Product image: Emergency Preparedness -- Being Ready And Staying Safe (76256).
Product image: The Flu -- Seasonal And Pandemic Flu (76371).
Product image: Heart Failure -- Diet And Exercise Tips (76245).
Large font size takes into account the unique needs of the older adult population. Personal stories help make information real and memorable. Quick Tips reinforce and enhance information. Photographic illustrations present positive images of active older adults. What's Next? cues help pique readers' interest and keep them going. Product pages: Emergency Preparedness -- Being Ready And Staying Safe (76256), page 9. Heart Failure -- Diet And Exercise Tips (76245), page 15.

Each Learning for Life title provides the right information -- and the right amount of information -- to keep older readers engaged and learning. Features include:

  • large font, plus spacing, type, and color choices that take into account the unique needs of the older adult population
  • photographic illustrations that accurately represent the diversity of the older adult population, avoid stereotypes, and present positive images of physical fitness and aging.
  • eye-catching "Quick Tips" that make key information easy to find
  • personal "just like me" stories that effectively draw readers in, add familiarity, and put technical information into context
  • "What's Next?" cues that help pique readers' curiosity and motivate them to move through the publication
  • perforated back covers that can be removed and used to display key information for quick daily reference!

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