Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats
Products displayed: Ready To Quit -- Your Action Plan To Stop Smoking (22181). Starting Your Child In School (20780). 14 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy (23382)
Products displayed: How To Manage Your Medications (14233). 9 Tips For A Healthier Heart (23415). An Inside Look At Managing Heart Failure (74506). Advance Health Care Directives -- Making Your Wishes Known (22278). Emergency Preparedness -- Being Ready And Staying Safe (76256). Help Your Child Be A Better Reader (44248). Sisters Talk About HIV -- Alma's Story (76535). Bullying -- What Would YOU Do? (57825).


Our booklets come in a wide range of formats and illustration styles to meet the needs of the people you serve.

Why buy booklets from Channing Bete Company?

  • Concise text paired with friendly graphics make them easy to understand.
  • They're available at a range of different reading levels.
  • They're accurate and up-to-date.
  • They're effective.

Booklets with Classic Illustrations

Classic-illustration booklets look simple, yet are capable of clearly presenting complex information -- in just 16 pages.


These booklets deliver action-oriented information in a popular list format that makes it easy for people to organize, grasp, remember, and act on!

Full-Color Photographic Illustrations

Quickly convey key points with these concise, eye-catching booklets featuring easy-to-relate-to full-color photographic illustrations.

Inside Look (Medical Illustrations)

Our Inside Look publications include illustrations by board-certified medical illustrators to help people understand their conditions.

Learning for Life

Specially designed and focus-group tested with the target audience, the Learning for Life series provides adults ages 65 and up with information that is easy to see, read, and act on for a better quality of life.

Low Literacy

Low-literacy booklets are designed specifically to reach people who read at the most fundamental levels.

Photographic Illustrations

What do you get when you combine compelling, page-turning text from our most popular booklets with vibrant, head-turning photos?

Realistic Illustrations

Realistic illustration booklets use a "real people in real situations" illustration style.

Story Format

Story format booklets weave fascinating fictional stories around important factual material.

What Would YOU Do?

These unique booklets feature an action-filled story that asks preteens to make decisions for the main character, shows them the consequences of their decisions -- good and bad -- and makes learning about serious topics fun!