Channing Bete Company(R) Product Formats

Booklets with Classic Illustrations

Classic illustration booklets look simple, yet are capable of clearly presenting complex information -- in just 8 or 16 pages.

The philosophy behind Classic illustration booklets is also simple:
The easier information is to read, the more likely people are to take the time to read it.

No one is ever "scared away" by the look of Classic illustration booklets. Instead, these booklets promise readers a friendly, helpful explanation of subjects they need to know about.

Product image: Raising A Reader -- Tips For Parents (20461)

Product image: How To Stop Smoking (12419)
Product pages: About Depression (12229), pages 4-5.

Simple, unambiguous terms help reach the widest possible audience.

Headlines and subheads break up the information into manageable "bites."

Engaging illustrations enhance the message of the text and help make the meaning clear.

Color enlivens the presentation and retains visual interest.

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