Channing Bete Company(R) Types of Products and Services

Product Effectiveness

What does PROVEN EFFECTIVE mean to you?

If yours is a public health, government, education, or nonprofit organization, it means our products will help you:

  • save time testing your communication materials for effectiveness
  • elicit healthy behaviors from your target audience.
  • demonstrate the value of your education and prevention efforts
  • meet "performance budgeting" requirements
  • comply with grant-application requirements

If yours is a health-care organization, it means our products will help you:

  • increase patient satisfaction
  • increase patient understanding of/compliance with treatment options
  • promote patient responsibility and self-care.
  • pass Joint Commission surveys
  • meet HEDIS goals
  • improve your outcomes and quality ratings
  • reduce lengths of stay and utilization

Scriptographic® booklets with Classic and realistic illustrations have been proven effective -- in two nationwide studies conducted by independent experts -- for increasing readers' understanding and intent to act.

Proven Effective

In both the Adult Effectiveness Study and the Teen Effectiveness Study, the goal was to quantify the effectiveness of Channing Bete Company publications with audiences at various reading levels. To that end, effectiveness is defined as:

  1. Successful transfer of information
    Do people read and understand the information in the booklet?
  2. Relevancy
    Is the content relevant to the reader's circumstances?
  3. Intent to act
    Does the reader's attitude toward the topic change, and does the reader intend to take action as a result of having read the booklet?
  4. Reading ease
    Is the material easily read and understood?

In both studies, the evidence shows that Channing Bete Company publications meet all four criteria.

About the Researchers

The task of assessing the effectiveness of our booklets was undertaken by two independent research resources -- organizations equipped to scientifically measure the reactions of the people whose opinions we value above all: our readers -- or, more precisely, your readers.

John Snow, Inc., and World Education, Inc.

John Snow, Inc. (JSI) is an internationally known public health research firm with two decades of experience doing quantitative and qualitative research for government, private sector, and nonprofit partners. JSI is particularly attuned to the health information needs of diverse populations -- including minority, multicultural, and low-income populations -- and to the measurement of health education efforts. Its roster of affiliations includes such distinguished organizations as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Population Affairs, and Health Resources and Services Administration.

Working with John Snow, Inc., was World Education, Inc. (WEI), a nonprofit organization that has focused on issues of adult literacy for over four decades. In partnership with Harvard University, WEI has been named the National Center for Adult Learning and Literacy, a role in which it champions efforts to define effective adult education practices.