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Example Price list (Price List A)

Pricing Information

Most of our products are on one of our price lists (see below on this page for our most common price lists).
You'll find pricing information below each item in our online store.

For example:


copies first Price List A title


copies second Price List A title


copies third Price List A title


Price List A titles @ $1.15 ea.

That's a savings of $55.30 vs. the price of ordering these booklets separately!

Prices subject to change without notice.

Quantity Discounts

Products that are on the same price list can be combined for quantity discounts. It's convenient, and it saves you money!

Here's how our quantity discounts work:

  • Add any number of different titles from a price list (for example, Price List A) to your cart.
  • Your per-item price will be based on the total quantity of titles from that price list. Our system automatically calculates your discount!

Pricing Information:

GSA Pricing

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