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Supporting School Success® Program Implementation

The Supporting School Success program is a series of five 2-hour workshops. The first two foundational sessions cover core skills parents need to become active partners with their child's school (creation of a learning environment in the home and effective communication among family members). For the remaining sessions, parents choose three out of the following five activities: reading and writing, math, homework, problem solving, and teaching skills. In addition, while parents are participating in the workshops, their children attend Kids' Kamp, where they participate in engaging activities that reinforce the program's content.

Workshops 1 & 2/The Learning Foundation

Parents learn how to create a learning environment in the home and improve communication among family members.

Workshops 3-5/Parents' Choice

Based on their specific concerns, parents select three workshops from the following list:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Math
  • Homework
  • Problem Solving
  • Teaching Skills

Kids' Kamp

In Kids' Kamp, children participate in fun-filled activities that promote skills paralleling those their parents are learning. Parents and children join up during the last 20-30 minutes of each workshop session to practice their new skills with each other.