Channing Bete Company(R) Staying Connected With Your Teen(R)
Staying Connected with Your Teen(R) Self-Study Kit (501533) pages 28, 29, 38, 39.

Staying Connected with Your Teen® Program Implementation

Staying Connected with Your Teen is an interactive workbook and video program. The video is divided into 18 segments, with each segment corresponding to follow-up activities in the Family Guide. Some activities are just for parents, and some activities are for parents and teens to do together. Each of the activities builds skills that contribute toward achieving both overall and specific program goals.

Workshop/Home-Study Content

The program can be implemented as a formal parenting workshop in five 2-hour sessions, or as a seven-unit self-paced home-study program. You can see a detailed table of contents by clicking here.

The Staying Connected with Your Teen program includes units that address:

  • Roles:
    Relating to Your Teen -- How your role as a parent changes as your child moves through the teen years and undergoes physical, intellectual, social, and identity development
  • Risks:
    Identifying and Reducing Them -- How to recognize the risk factors that can make your teen more likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs, engage in early sexual activity, drop out of school, or become involved in delinquency or violence
  • Protection:
    Bonding with Your Teen to Strengthen Resiliency -- How to protect your teen from risks by setting and maintaining clear guidelines and keeping family bonds strong
  • Tools:
    Working with Your Family to Solve Problems -- How to use six "tools for parents": holding family meetings, adopting effective parenting styles, making family decisions, using good communication skills, managing anger and other feelings, and solving family problems
  • Involvement:
    Allowing Everyone to Contribute -- How to give your teen opportunities to become meaningfully involved in the family, the school, and the community in order to help him or her learn important life skills for adulthood and build strong bonds
  • Policies:
    Setting Family Policies on Health and Safety Issues -- How to establish family policies for your teen regarding health and safety issues, including how to develop and enforce consistent consequences
  • Supervision:
    Supervising without Invading -- How to support your teen in resisting negative peer influences and supervise him or her in ways that respect his or her growing independence

The seven lessons are structured around three major themes:

  • Setting the stage, which covers the importance of risk and protective factors
  • The power of communication
  • Family management

Program Facilitation

The Staying Connected with Your Teen program can be facilitated through schools, health-care organizations, civic organizations, social service agencies, faith institutions, juvenile justice agencies, and other organizations. The Family Guide and video enable workshop leaders or families to navigate through the material at their own pace.


Training is also available from certified, experienced trainers who will assist in the implementation of the program and help ensure its fidelity. To learn more, visit our Support and Resources for Current Users page.