Channing Bete Company(R) Staying Connected With Your Teen(R)
Staying Connected with Your Teen(R) Core Program (501544).Staying Connected with Your Teen Parent's Completion Certificate (501504)

Staying Connected with Your Teen® Program Components and Pricing

Core Program

(501544) $979.00

  • Workshop Leader's Guide (2 copies)
    118 pages + 29-page self-study guide
    Includes advice on setting up and implementing sessions, activity-sheet masters, resource lists, and discussion guides.
  • Workshop DVD (2 copies)
    Presents a diverse group of families working through challenging situations -- including drug use, violent behavior, becoming a teen parent, and dropping out of school.
  • Family Guide (2 reference copies)
    60 pages
    Leads parents through the program and acts as a handy reference after the program has been completed.
  • PowerPoint® CD (2 copies)
    Guides leaders through worry-free workshop presentations.

Family Guide & DVD Set

(501558) $71.00
Includes DVD and Family Guide.

Workshop Leader's Package

Includes Core Program plus 10 sets of the Family Guide & DVD.
(501542) $1,639.00

Workshop Leader's Kit

(501566) $514.00
Includes 1 copy each of the Workshop Leader's Guide, PowerPoint CD, Family Guide, DVD, and Parent's Completion Certificate.

Additional DVDs (501539)


$34.00 ea.

Prices for higher quantities available upon request. Call 1-877-896-8532.

Additional Family Guides (501510)


$40.00 ea.


32.00 ea.


29.00 ea.


27.00 ea.


25.00 ea.

Parent's Completion Certificate

(501504) $1.70

Prices subject to change without notice.

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