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Educators and students share about the PATHS® program and social and emotional learning

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Learn more about the benefits of SEL and see why the PATHS program is the premier SEL program available by watching our multimedia presentation, "Improving School Climate for Student Success -- A Guide to the PATHS® Program." This presentation includes:

  • video testimonials from educators and students
  • videos of the PATHS program in use in a real elementary school classroom
  • expert commentary from the PATHS program's developers, who provide clear explanations about SEL, its connections to academic success, and the science behind the PATHS program
  • a detailed description of the PATHS program, including program components and a sample lesson from the PATHS curriculum!

The PATHS Program and SEL in the News

The PATHS® Program: Improving Students' Well-Being, Academic Outcomes, and School Climate with Social and Emotional Learning!

Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps children resolve conflicts peacefully, handle emotions positively, empathize, and make responsible decisions. When students learn and use SEL skills, behavior improves and disruptions lessen. Instead of wasting valuable classroom time managing misbehavior and providing discipline, teachers can teach and students can learn.

The PATHS Program: The Premier SEL Curriculum with Decades of Experience

The proven-effective PATHS program is grounded in SEL and easy to implement. This comprehensive curriculum offers a common framework for effective SEL instruction from preschool through kindergarten and the elementary grades, and has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its effectiveness.

The PATHS program been developed and refined through nearly 30 years of research and is the most studied social and emotional learning program available -- it's been included or cited in over 40 published studies and texts! This curriculum has been proven to help students build the skills they need to understand and manage their emotions -- and has also been proven to lead to improved academic outcomes. In rigorous clinical studies,* the PATHS program has been shown to:

  • reduce teachers' reports of students exhibiting aggressive behavior by 32%
  • increase teachers' reports of students exhibiting self-control by 36%
  • improve performance on state achievement tests in reading, math, and writing**
  • increase students' vocabulary for emotions by 68%
  • increase students' scores on cognitive skills tests by 20%.

Find even more information about program results and recognition.

In the News: Social and Emotional Learning and the PATHS Program

See what national and state news outlets are reporting about the importance of SEL, and how the PATHS program is helping students throughout the nation.

NPR: Why Emotional Learning May Be As Important As the ABCs

The New York Times: Teaching Peace in Elementary School

Colorado Public Radio: To Keep Focus On Learning, Montbello Teachers Try To Calm The Classroom

Education Week: Urban Districts Embrace Social-Emotional Learning

Learn more about how SEL works to improve school climate and academic achievement here.

Research Reports: The Need for More SEL

More and more studies are showing how social and emotional learning can positively impact children's social and academic lives, in the present and in the future. Read about this growing body of evidence here.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Children With Strong Social Skills in Kindergarten More Likely to Thrive as Adults

Mathematica Policy Research Report: Half of Children Don't Have Sufficient SEL Skills Upon Starting Kindergarten

School Psychology Quarterly: Survey Finds Improved Results on State Achievement Tests with the PATHS SEL Program

Education Week Poll: Many Teachers Say Children's Social and Emotional Skills Need Work

See the results of additional studies on the PATHS program here.

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  • a complete sample lesson for each grade, including the teacher's script, classroom visual aids, and materials to send home to parents
  • an excerpt from the introductory teacher's manual

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*at one- or two-year follow-up, compared to matched-comparison children, supplemented with teacher training and support

**during a 4-year implementation period, compared to matched-comparison children, supplemented with teacher training and support