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Educators and students share about the PATHS® program
and social and emotional learning

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PATHS® Program

Create the school you've always dreamed of
thanks to:

  • improved student behavior
  • reduced classroom disruptions
  • greater academic engagement and achievement!

Create more time for teaching,
more capacity for learning.

The PATHS program is grounded in social and emotional learning (SEL). SEL helps children:

  • resolve conflicts peacefully
  • handle emotions positively
  • empathize
  • make responsible decisions.
Products displayed: PATHS Preschool/Kindergarten (502045). PATHS Grade 1 (502046). PATHS Grade 2 (502047). PATHS Grade 3 (502048). PATHS Grade 4 (502049). PATHS Grade 5/6 (502050) Students using the PATHS(R) program

When students learn and use SEL skills, behavior improves and disruptions lessen. Instead of wasting valuable classroom time managing misbehavior and providing discipline, teachers can teach and students can learn.

Significantly improve academic achievement.
Data from more than 270,000 students was collected for a large-scale study of universal, school-based SEL programs, including the PATHS program. In that study, SEL students showed an 11% gain in academic achievement.

Build the brain power children need for school success.
As reported in Science magazine, the PATHS program has been proven to help build executive functions (EFs) in children's developing brains. EFs include:

  • impulse control
  • problem solving
  • reasoning
  • planning
  • working memory.

These skills are proven predictors of math and reading competence throughout a child's school career. In fact, they're more important to a child's school readiness than IQ scores.

Introducing the PATHS Program and SEL

Click here to learn about the objectives and goals of the PATHS program, and to see how SEL can help improve school climate and student achievement.

The PATHS Program and SEL in the News

Read news articles about SEL and the PATHS program -- and watch our online multimedia presentation outlining how improving school climate with the PATHS program can boost student success.

Why the PATHS Program Is the Premier SEL Curriculum

Learn about the PATHS program's research base, proven academic and behavioral outcomes, ratings from independent evaluators, and developers, and see what other educators are saying about its results.

Why the PATHS Program Is Easy to Implement

Discover how easy it is to implement the PATHS program, thanks to its convenient modular format, fully scripted lessons, and correlations to national standards.

Support and Resources for Current Users

If you are already using the PATHS program, find evaluation kits, information about training workshops, and quick-order links to help you quickly reorder supplies.

Preview the PATHS Program Now

Take a closer look at the PATHS program with a video of a real lesson, as well as sample pages from various components of each classroom module and Counselor's Package.

Pricing and Ordering Information

Click here to find pricing, place an online order, or request a personalized quote on PATHS materials.

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