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The PATHS(R) Program is the premier social and emotional learning curriculum! Product displayed: PATHS(R) Grade 2 Classroom Module (502047)

Grade 2

PATHS® classroom module components and pricing

PATHS Grade 2
classroom module (502047)

For students in grade 2 or for students
working at a grade 2 level

$489 per classroom module
(Quantity discounts are available!)

PATHS(R) Introduction to the Curriculum (502047)

Comes with:

An Introduction to the Curriculum

User-friendly guide provides:

  • a definition of social and emotional learning, and an explanation for why it is needed and how it's tied to academic success
  • an overview of the lesson structure and PATHS program materials
  • teaching tips to help make lesson delivery efficient and effective
  • ideas for connecting the PATHS program with other academic curricula and standards
  • a reference section for research on social and emotional learning and related topics.
PATHS(R) Curriculum Manual (502047)

Curriculum Manual

The manual comes in 1 lie-flat binder and includes 50 easy-to-teach lessons. In general, each lesson comes with:

  • A lesson preparation page -- provides lesson objectives and materials lists
  • Color-coded instructions and optional "read-aloud" scripts -- help make teaching easy and effective
  • Photographs and line drawings -- visual reinforcements of key techniques and concepts
  • Supplementary activities -- including biographies, used to extend PATHS program material beyond lessons
  • Follow-up guidance -- tips on prepping for future lessons, communicating with families, and tying key teaching points into regular class time.
Products displayed: Our Feelings Chart (502019); Control Signals Poster (502002); PATHS(R) Kid For Today Poster (502004)

1 "Our Feelings Chart" (23 1/2" x 36")

  • Enables the PATHS Kid for Today to display "Feeling Faces" Cards.
  • Acts as a visual reminder of that day's lesson(s).

2 Posters (17 1/2" x 23")

  • The "Control Signals" Poster
  • The "PATHS Kid for Today" Poster

Chart and posters are laminated for durability, with grommets for easy attachment.

Feeling Faces Cards (502021)950 "Feeling Faces" Cards

We've provided 25 copies of 38 different cards --
that's 950 cards!


Teachers love the "Feeling Faces" Cards and say they're great for reinforcing the lessons students are learning!

PATHS(R) Kid For Today Stickers (502010)

200 "PATHS® Kid For Today" Stickers

A fun way for teachers to designate the PATHS Kid for Today each and every day of the year!

Involve parents with interactive take-home resources.

Family Communication and Support Materials

Includes online access to printable parent/caregiver letters, handouts, 20 book lists, and at-home activities in English and Spanish! Also includes an Evaluation Tool pdf to help you measure the impact of the PATHS program on your students.

Use The Control Signals! Cling (502013)

25 copies of the "Use The Control Signals!" Cling

This colorful cling is a wonderful send-home item to help parents understand and reinforce the key PATHS program technique for solving a problem.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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