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This video provides an overview
of a sample classroom module.
(Note: CD contents are now provided online.)

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Comprehensive, Grade-Specific Classroom Modules

The PATHS® program uses a convenient modular format with materials that are developmentally appropriate for students at each stage. Each module includes a variety of components for students, easy-to-follow lessons and support materials for teachers, and family communication and support materials.

Each PATHS classroom module comes with:

  • lesson objectives
  • color-coded scripts
  • supporting materials*
  • family communication materials (made available online)
  • much more!

*Standard classroom supplies may also be required.

A parent and child using the PATHS(R) program

Build parent support and involvement

Parent support and reinforcement of PATHS concepts at home ensures that children fully absorb the skills acquired through classroom sessions. To that end, many lessons provide instructors with relevant at-home activities (available in English and Spanish) and other send-home materials. Helping parents get involved in the PATHS program is a great way to bring social and emotional learning home.

Find detailed pricing and component information for each grade-level module here:

Counselor's Packages

Multi-grade Counselor's Packages are also available, and our detailed components and pricing page can help you understand what they come with and how they work.

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