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Teacher using the PATHS(R) program Products displayed: PATHS(R) Grade 2 Classroom Module (502047). PATHS(R) Grade 4 Classroom Module (502029).

Fully Scripted, Developmentally Appropriate Lesson Plans

Each PATHS classroom module comes with a wealth of information and materials -- but is designed to be easy and straightforward for educators to use. Each module's curriculum manual is divided into clearly defined units, and each unit includes an overview of that unit's goals, tips for implementation, answers to common questions, and theoretical background.

Each lesson includes three parts: Preparing for the Lesson, Conducting the Lesson, and After the Lesson. The Preparing for the Lesson section offers an overview that spells out:

  • the general objective
  • specific objectives
  • related academic skills and subject areas
  • materials needed.

The Conducting the Lesson section is completely scripted, making it ready to use and easy to implement with fidelity. Teachers know exactly what material to cover and how to guide their classroom's activities.

The After the Lesson section helps educators debrief after implementing the lesson. It also provides important reminders, such as when to send home lesson-specific parent/family involvement materials.

Sessions are taught two or three times per week, with each session lasting approximately 30 minutes. With this kind of flexibility, sessions are easy to incorporate into and around regular classroom routines. Teachers can also take advantage of those "teachable moments" that arise throughout the school day to reinforce lesson concepts and vocabulary.

Appropriate for at-risk children and children with special needs

The PATHS program is intended to improve the school environment for all children. However, the program is very appropriate for children with special needs, and was originally developed in hearing-impaired classrooms and tested in special-needs classrooms.

The PATHS® program supports Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and helps reinforce a bully-free school climate!

Support for teachers every step of the way

The comprehensive introductory materials provide everything an instructor will need to know to deliver the program. If desired, formal training services are available from knowledgeable, experienced PATHS program trainers. Please click here for details.

If you already like what you see, don't delay!

Ordering PATHS program materials is easy, and every order is risk-free -- because the PATHS program comes with a money-back guarantee!

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