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School administrators explain why they chose
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Introducing the PATHS Program and SEL

The PATHS program is a comprehensive SEL curriculum that is evidence-based and proven effective. The premier SEL program, the PATHS curriculum is used around the world. It offers a common framework for effective SEL instruction from preschool through kindergarten and the elementary grades. Its convenient grade-level format makes implementation easy and effective.

The PATHS program is grounded in the science of children's brain development, which has determined that children experience and react to strong emotions before developing the cognitive abilities to verbalize them.

The PATHS program's practical, effective strategies have been developed and refined through nearly 30 years of research. Not only has it been included or cited in over 40 published studies and texts, but the PATHS program received the highest possible rating from Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development (Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, University of Colorado). The PATHS program is one of only 17 youth development programs to receive this elite recognition -- over 1,500 programs have been reviewed to date.

Conveniently designed for grade-level implementation! Image: A teacher and students using the PATHS(R) program

Lessons from the PATHS program are easy to fit into and around regular classroom routines. Sessions are brief -- approximately 30 minutes -- so they are easy to conduct within a scheduled class period. Plus, they correlate to Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and American School Counselor Association Standards. The program offers numerous connections to reading and language arts instruction.

The PATHS Program At a Glance

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PATHS Program Objectives and Goals

The PATHS program covers five domains of social and emotional development and dozens of educational objectives and goals, such as increasing self-control and helping children recognize and understand how one's behavior affects others. Visit our program objectives and goals page for additional information.

How SEL Improves School Climate and Achievement

Looking to understand how social and emotional learning (SEL) can help you meet critical academic goals and support a healthier school environment? Our SEL overview page is the perfect place to learn!

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