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A teacher and students using the PATHS(R) program. Products displayed: Problem Solving Poster (502001). PATHS(R) Kid For Today Poster (502004).

Support and Resources for
Current Users

As a PATHS® program customer, you have our support! Our goal is to ensure that you have all the tools you need to improve your school climate and encourage greater academic success.

Access the Online Family Communication and Support Materials and Evaluation Tool

Family Communication and Support Materials -- PreK and Kindergarten homepage 20D-0199A

The links below lead to the grade-specific printable parent/caregiver letters, handouts, book lists, and at-home activities in English and Spanish! (These materials were previously provided on CD.) You'll also find the Evaluation Tool to help you measure the impact of the PATHS program on your students.

Access family communication and support materials here: (You'll need to enter the username and password provided with your module.)

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Products displayed: Turtle Puppet (500411). Hedgehog Puppet (501319).

Reorder Program Components

At Channing Bete Company, we appreciate our PATHS customers and want to do everything we can to keep your implementation going strong! Stock up on extra supplies now so you'll have everything you need to use and expand the PATHS program.

When your supply runs low, purchase additional Feeling Faces card sets, stickers, and clings to support your existing implementation and reinforce the PATHS program message.

Expand the scope of your efforts by putting up additional posters in cafeterias, hallways, and other public areas; providing students with their own copies of grade 4 and 5/6 novels; and adding Spanish editions of posters and Feeling Faces card sets.

Order additional stickers, storybooks, posters, and other components by grade level at the links below.

Find additional materials here to help build parent support for SEL!

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Enhance Program Implementation with Training

Training workshops are led by certified, experienced trainers who help participants gain in-depth knowledge of the program's contents and intended goals. The training contact for the PATHS
program is:

Carol A. Kusché, Ph.D.
Developer & Director
PATHS® Training LLC
927 10th Ave. East
Seattle, WA 98102
Telephone: (206) 323-6688

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