Channing Bete Company(R) Guiding Good Choices(R)
Guiding Good Choices(R) Core Program (501667). Workshop Leader's Guide (501110) Pages 9, 14.

Guiding Good Choices® Program Implementation

The Guiding Good Choices program, originally developed under the title Preparing for the Drug Free Years, is a five-session parent involvement program that teaches parents of children ages 9-14 how to reduce the risk that their children will develop drug problems. The program is appropriate for families of all races and ethnic backgrounds (Harachi, Catalano, & Hawkins, 1997).

The program typically takes place as a 10-hour parent participation program consisting of five 2-hour workshops. Workshops are usually held one evening each week for five consecutive weeks and use workbook- and video-based discussion models.

Workshop Content

The typical implementation is five 2-hour workshops guided by workbook- and video-based discussion modules. Workshops are as follows:

  • Session 1
    Getting Started: How to Prevent Drug Use in Your Family
    Parents learn about the nature and extent of the drug problem among teenagers in general, and decide for themselves how they want to prevent problems in their own family. Parents also learn about risk and protective factors through an interactive activity.
  • Session 2
    Setting Guidelines: How to Develop Healthy Beliefs and Clear Standards
    Parents develop clear family guidelines and expectations for behavior. Through small group discussions, parents explore how they feel about situations related to substance abuse, such as what they would do if their child were hanging around with someone who smokes, or whether their child should be allowed to drink alcohol on special occasions.
  • Session 3
    Avoiding Trouble: How to Say No to Drugs
    Both children and parents are invited to this session. They learn and practice refusal skills that children can use to stay out of trouble and keep their friends while still having fun.
  • Session 4
    Managing Conflict: How to Control and Express Your Anger Constructively
    Parents learn to manage family conflict in a way that maintains and strengthens bonds with their children.
  • Session 5
    Involving Everyone: How to Strengthen Family Bonds
    Parents learn ways to strengthen family bonds and increase children's involvement with the family during the teen years. Parents also learn how to create a parent support network.

Workshop Providers

Teachers, parent educators, or anyone who is comfortable facilitating parents' education can teach the Guiding Good Choices program. And thanks to the Workshop Leader's Guide, presenters will find implementation easy.


Training is also available from certified, experienced trainers who will assist in the implementation of the program and help ensure its fidelity. To learn more, visit our Support and Resources for Current Users page.