Channing Bete Company(R) Guiding Good Choices(R)
Guiding Good Choices(R) Core Program (501667)

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Guiding Good Choices®

A Families That Care® Program

The premier, research-based drug- and underage-drinking prevention program for parents of children ages 9-14

(formerly known as the Preparing for the Drug Free Years program)

Channing Bete Company brings you the Guiding Good Choices program, a science-based, proven-effective ATOD-prevention program that gives parents the skills they need to ensure the future well-being of their children.

In just five parent-workshop sessions, the Guiding Good Choices program can help parents improve substance abuse outcomes for up to 10 years!

How the Guiding Good Choices Program Works

Are you looking to understand what sets the Guiding Good Choices program apart from other drug-prevention programs? Then let us share the goal of the program, details on program implementation, and the program's impressive results and recognition!

A detailed look at the Guiding Good Choices program

Are you looking for more details on this parenting curriculum, such as what you will be receiving once you make a purchase? Then take a look at our components and pricing page. Also be sure to review the free online preview, a select bibliography of the research behind the Guiding Good Choices program, and details on the program's developers.

Support and resources for current users

If you are already using the Guiding Good Choices program, we offer an evaluation tool so you can measure your success. Current users may also wish to learn about training workshops for the Guiding Good Choices program.

The Guiding Good Choices program has been honored with these citations of excellence:

  • Model Program
  • Exemplary 1 Program
  • Promising Program
  • Research-Based Program with positive results
  • Evidence-Based Program
  • Level 1 Program

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