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Products displayed: We Are A Proud Military Family! A Coloring & Activities Book With STICKERS! (58968). Helping Your Child Cope With Deployment; A Service Member And Family Handbook (95752). Your Guide To Transition Planning (81586).
Products displayed: Career Pathways For Military Spouses; An Employment Handbook (91287). ServingUS(R) Magazine -- Military Relocation (91343). Your Guide To Stress Reactions & mTBI (83844). Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -- Information For Service Members (36461)A. Sexual Assault; A Pocket Minder(R) Card (40050). Building Resilience -- Keeping Tabs(R) On Growing Up Military (81913). Stress Management; A Self-Care Handbook (93652).

Resources to Encourage Readiness, Support Military Families, Promote Successful Military Careers, and Prepare Service Members for Life After the Military

Military Family Life

Our products recognize the contributions of military families as well as the unique challenges they face -- from coping with deployment to frequent moves. Count on our military family support resources to raise awareness in the community.

Home Front Support

Positive parenting, money management, family violence prevention, emergency preparedness -- our advice-filled resources can help you raise awareness and educate military families.

Reunion & Reintegration

It takes time for a family to readjust and rebuild relationships following a military deployment. These sensitive, engaging resources help families understand their emotions, manage their expectations, and prepare for the inevitable changes that come with a post-deployment reunion.

Readiness, Mobilization, & Military Deployment

There is no priority more important than mission readiness -- and every military family member has a role to play. Our resources provide insight on the practical details and emotional concerns surrounding pre-deployment readiness, mobilization, and post-deployment adjustment.

Combat Stress Reaction, PTSD, and TBI

Combat stress reaction, PTSD, and TBI impact thousands of individuals and their families, often in ways that are debilitating and difficult to recognize. Shed light on these issues and encourage treatment with the help of the resources you'll find here.

Suicide Prevention and Depression

It's critical that service personnel, family members, and colleagues learn to recognize the impact of combat stress, are familiar with the warning signs of suicide, and know how to respond. Reach out to the military community you serve with these supportive, research-based materials.

Other Mental Health Issues

Just like the civilian population, many military families struggle to cope with common mental disorders. Often, the stress of military life exacerbates problems and takes a toll on emotional health. Our comprehensive mental health resources shed light on depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and other challenges. They're also filled with tips on how to relieve anxiety, use relaxation techniques, and more.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Cessation

Our products provide clear, easy-to-understand guidance for service members who are grappling with addiction and substance abuse.

Stress and Anger Management

Everyone deals with stress and anger. But service members and their families face unique and sometimes extreme challenges. Count on our research-backed products and compelling formats to provide crystal-clear stress- and anger-management guidance.

Miscellaneous Health Issues, Health Literacy

Rely on us to provide resources that cover the myriad health issues facing service members and their families.

Sexual Harassment and Diversity

Sexual harassment and other forms of unprofessional behavior have no place in the military. Use our materials to build understanding, raise awareness, and help service members avoid problems and protect their careers.

Military Policies, Programs, and Support

Help service members keep pace with military policies and programs so that they can perform at the highest level and make the most of their military experience. Our clear, easy-to-follow publications can help.

Careers & Transitions

Our straightforward and supportive publications help military personnel and their families focus on setting career goals and working toward financial security.


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